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Hi, my daughter , who is 13, currently has 30 hours of LSA support written in her statement, she is working at a very low level in maths and English and finds it hard to concentrate in lessons. She asked me if she could be taken out of those lessons and given one to one until her levels improve. I arranged a meeting in school, told them what my daughter had asked and was told under no circumstances will that happen as it is against the law. Can anyone please help


  • Seadog
    Seadog Member Posts: 11

    It sounds like you need some specialist advice and support from an organisation that specialises in education issues.

    You are probably already in touch with your local SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service) - formerly Parent Partnership - which should be able to provide advice on this issue.

    Have you tried any of the following national organisations?

    IPSEA Advice Line: 0800 018 4016

    Network 81. Helpline 0845 077 4055
    [email protected]

    Some legal firms also provide specialist services focussed on education issues.

    Hope this helps.

  • shiv19699
    shiv19699 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Seasog, I have sent an email to ipsea, hopefully they will be able
    to help. 

  • EducationalPsychologist
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    Hello shiv19699,
    You can request an interim Annual Review to ask the question. However, you may also like to consider...
    Are the school differentiating effectively if she is unable to concentrate in class?
    Is the educational establishment appropriate if you think she needs an individual learning environment for these core subjects?
    What would be the social impact?
    Could her Statement be amended to include some additional individual tuition?
    Are noise-cancelling headphones an option?