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mild cp in later life

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Hi im 34 years old and was born with mild cp that mainly effects my left leg it has always been stiff and i have issues walking but lately ive noticed a change in that sometimes my whole leg seizes up and im unable to walk on it or it causes me to stumble this is very embarrassing as i can be walking along and suddenly my leg goes funny and i cant move, im finding walking very diffifult atm and im wondering if theres anything i can do to help myself i have 2 young children one of school age and i walk him to school everyday a good 45 mins each way.
Back in november i contracted pneaumonia, ecoli and sepsis after the birth of my daughter and was put in a coma is it possible i could have sustained lasting damage because of this


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    Hi Prince and thanks very much for visiting the forum.
    I have got a couple of suggestions for you which I really hope might help.
    First can I suggest you click on the following link which will take you to another forum which was set up by someone who has cp called Living Positively with CP? It was set up to start a discussion on the effects of cp as you get older and also to offer support and suggestions on how you might be able to manage any difficulties as you get older.
    I am sure you will find lots of useful posts there and also pick up some useful tips.
    There is also a centre in London which you may already be aware of called the Bobath Centre which offers advice as well as running treatment sessions for children and adults who have cp. If you give their number a ring and ask to speak to one of their therapists who works with adults you could ask for their advice on what might help you with your walking or where you should  be going for some help with this local to where you live.They may also be able to offer some advice on your cp after your most recent pregnancy.
    Their number is 020 8444 3355 and their website address is:
    Really hope that this helps.