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Brnefit and housing

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He Debbie

I have two quedtions.
I recently won my PIP higher rate for both Care and Mobility.

I am finding it difficult to meet my rent and bills.  My non deprndent son had to move in to care for me.  He workd during the day and his duties start at night and week ends.
1. Can I apply for housing Association accommodation.
2. I live in Private Accommodation and we find it difficult to meet the rent and bills.

3. I recently has my ESA cut further.  My SevereDisability wasremove vecause my son is not disable.

4. I am severely disable and need him to support me. He is not claiming Carers allowance.

Do you have any advice.



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    Hi @Brendapeters, I believe Debbie is currently away for the week and I'm sure she well get back to you on her return. In the meantime BethSlade may be able to be of assistance.
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    Hi Brenda,

    I'm sure @Debbie_Scope will come back to you with a more complete response when she's back, but in the meantime I can perhaps provide some clarification on the benefits stuff.

    SDP is paid to people who 'technically count as living alone' ie with no non-dependents who would be able to help with rent and house costs.  It's kind of an 'either/or' situation with carers allowance, so it may be worth exploring carers allowance for your son if he's unable to contribute towards your household income from his wages.  But, there are some criteria to meet for carers allowance, check them out .  
    You might be able to get housing benefit to help with rent costs.  There will be a cap on what you can get (called your Local Housing Allowance, different rates for different areas etc) but entitlement is dependent on such a variety of things, the easiest way to get an indication of whether or not you'd be entitled would be to contact your local council.  Also, you might consider doing a check on a benefits calculator.  They aren't perfect, but they are a useful framework for further exploration.  Scope has a benefits calculator you can use.  

    To be apply for housing association accommodation you'll need to explain why you need one.  Disclose any needs you have (eg ground floor due to mobility issues, unable to afford private sector rates) - there is a great info page on the Shelter website you could look at. 

    Hope this helps.  Any other q's, fire away :)

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    Hello @Brendapeters,

    I'm really sorry for the delay in replying to your post. I hope you found the information from bethslade helpful.

    As bethslade said, it is probably worth your son applying for carers allowance if he meets the eligibility criteria. If he's working he won't qualify for carers allowance if he's earning more than £110 a week (after taxes, care costs while you’re at work and 50% of what you pay into your pension) so do check this out.

    If you are struggling to manage your rent and you're in receipt of housing benefit or local housing allowance, it might be possible to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) which can help with shortfalls in housing costs. You didn't mention if you are receiving housing benefit in your original post, but if you are then it's definitely worth finding out more about a DHP.
    It's worth noting as well that if you're receiving housing benefit you shouldn't have any non-dependent deductions made from your housing benefit. This is because you are in receipt of the enhanced rates of PIP. This means that your son's income from his job won't affect the level of housing benefit you receive.

    There is a housing association called Habinteg and they provide accessible housing.

    It's worth talking to your local council too to see if you can qualify for social housing in your area.

    If you need some more advice please feel free to get in touch anytime.

    Best wishes