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Can we get support for our disabled adult daughter?

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Mum to 2 adopted disabled Adults wife to recently diagnosed husband with progressive health condition


  • daviesm2
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    Can anybody advise me please our 28yr old adopted daughter lives alone in an adapted housing association bungalow & relies on us for most things she received a lifetime DLA award due to her many health conditions & mild  learning disabilities caused by her birth mothers alcohol & drug abuse in pregnancy.PIP assessment reduced her payments for mobility which we have asked them to reconsider & will then appeal if not happy.Our daughter is frequently hospitslized which we manage but while we have been on holiday this month she was taken ill & completely went to pieces because we were away as we were in Canada we could not return home & so we were constantly on the phone which was distressing for us & our daughter & cost a fortune it was only a minor problem but she completely crumbled.When she is well she is fairly self sufficient works 16 hours but relies on us to budget organise shopping appointments etc.Nobody claims Carers allowance as we have nobody who can offer care so there is only us & there is no professional input other than medical.Is she entitled to any Social Work support?Especially if we are away also we are near retirement age my husband has a progressive health condition  & wont be here forever.Thank you
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    Hi daviesm2,
    I am a benefits adviser who scope have engaged to assist with some of their online queries.
    Whether or not your daughter would qualify for assistance from Adult Services would depend on what her specific needs are, and whether the local authority have a duty to meet those needs.
    I would suggest that as a first step, you ask your local authority to carry out an assessment both of her needs, and those needs of you as her carer to see what support they can offer.
    Once they have made their assessment you should be provided with a copy of this in writing. If at that point you do not feel that it meets your needs, I would suggest seeking the advice of a Community Care specialist (if you go to the .gov website for 'find a legal adviser' it should let you search your local area by areas of law) as to whether there is merit to challenge this.
    Hope this helps!

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