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Hi, my name is g30rg313!

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I came here looking for advice. My disability is one that is not seen, but is there, nonetheless. I need advice on how to get extra evidence for PIP claim.


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    Hi @g30rg313, welcome to the community. I've moved your post to our benefit advisors' thread as they may be able to advise you on this.
  • g30rg313
    g30rg313 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thank you im new to forums. Sorry i posted in the wrong place.
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    @g30rg313 I heard one needs a formal diagnosis from an NHS Autism professional/clinic.
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    Hi g30rg313,

    The person who makes the decision on your PIP claim at the DWP can consider any evidence you send in.

    You could keep a diary for a typical day, explaining how your disability affects you, how long it took you to do something and any problems that you. Or someone who knows you, perhaps a relative, friend or carer, could write a letter explaining the problems you have and the help you need. You could ask your doctor or any health professional you see who knows you and your disability for a letter of support to send in with your claim.

    All of the above can be considered by the DWP if it helps them understand the difficulties you have with daily living or mobility.

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