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Discrimination in school with wheelchair - help?

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  • bluebell5310
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    My grandson is in a wheelchair but uses crutches to get around school.  I feel the school is not helping us with access to the school. My daughter has to get the wheelchair down 3 steps to get onto the playground so my grandson has to get out of the wheelchair until she manoeuvres her way into the playground.  The school has been aware of our predicament for the past  8-9 weeks but has not helped with easy access. They have a car park which he could be wheeled through but they keep this padlocked. The latest problem which is discrimination is he is not allowed to go to Cadburys World in Birmingham because they have done a risk assessment at the school and as he can't access the coach, they have told my daughter she would have to find her own way to Birmingham with my grandson so he doesn't miss out on the trip that the whole class will be going on  including his identical twin brother.  I rang the education department who have directed me to their website quoting "supporting pupils at school with medical conditions" in particular day trips it quotes" the guidance provides advice on making sure that pupils with medical conditions are able to participate fully in all school activities that take place within and outside school premises including sporting events and school visits".  Have you come across this sort of situation before?  The education board said I need to write a letter of complaint to the school?  Can you give me any guidance?  My daughter doesn't drive, is a single parent with twins boys both on the autism spectrum at mainstream primary school. 

  • WheelchairSteve
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    It sounds like discrimination to me, so I would seek legal advice to see if the school are in breach of the Equality Act 2010. Any law firm should be able to give you guidance, but Fry Law (formerly Unity Law) in Sheffield specialise in Disability Discrimination cases, so I would suggest you contact them (http://www.frylaw.co.uk/)
  • bendigedig
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    oh dear lord,  not another head teacher who does not know of their responsibility to provide for pupils?  So common nowadays unfortunately.  Idiot Head teachers are ten a penny.  The good ones are getting harder and harder to find.  Why are schools employing so many incompetent Numpties?

    when you say the Education board?  Do you mean your Local authority Education Department?  If that is who you spoke to then they will have an individual in post who deals with dissability issues.  That individual will be at an equivallent level to a head teacher, if they aren't then their immediate superior should be.  It is their responsibility to advise the head teachers in the Authority of their obligations to provide for those with Additional support needs.

    the local authority should be reprimanding this Head teacher and informally inviting him to correct his **** up before this goes any futher.   Write the letter as quick as you can.... I suspect that it is simply a hoop jumping exercise that will force the head teacher to be seen to be doing the right thing.  What a seemingly lazy and irresponsible headteacher they must be?

    get the legal advice while you are waiting for the response to the letter..  Dont let to much time elapse so that it sees the Cadburys trip come and go.  

    All this carrying a chair down three steps and expecting your daughter to do this all seems highly irregular?

    Im assuming the School is Local Authority run?  Perhaps its not?

    whatever the case Dissability access legislation should be cited to these idiots before they embarrass themselves any further.

    if you dont get any joy, from the suggestions you've gathered or anything else you could always try your local news paper.  Nowadays though newspapers are increasingly reluctant to speak out against people whos interests are "protected" in some way.

    good luck.

    please tell us all how you get on :)

  • bluebell5310
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    Thank you for you helpful comments and support.  The school called a meeting with the head and deputy head and for the first ten minutes talked about the other twin who they were supposed to be putting in place an ehcp plan for, that's not happening , they have suggested the secondary school put this in place. Back to the trip, well they blamed the coach company and said their office manager found a new coach company with wheelchair access so my grandson  can now go on the trip , 23rd March. Surprise surprise.  Daughter now uses the car park when they remember to unlock it. My grandson is left in a classroom on his own at lunchtime with no supervision I asked why this was and if he fell from his crutches who was there to pick him up.  They were looking into that and suggested a dinner lady take him outside each day to the playground?  We cannot wait till they leave this school in several months time.