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Emotional Reasoning

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  • BeccaH
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    Hi Rebecca, 
    I'm looking for some information and advice on emotional reasoning..I am currently on sick leave from work after my emotional reasoning got in the way of an otherwise ordinary week, I had extra responsibilities..and was therefore more anxious about getting the job done well. However thought patterns conspired against me and emotional reasoning completely took over. I am concerned about it as I'm not sure CBT alone will be able to combat it. Any thoughts or advice would be a help.
    Thanks in advance.

  • RebeccaMHadvisor
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    Hi @BeccaH

    Thanks for your message. It's great that you are able to recognize what has happened and are seeking help to be able to deal with your emotional reasoning moving forward. CBT is the method of counseling that is currently favoured by the NHS and can be an effective method of managing emotional reasoning. 

    A lot of our emotions are as the result of a thought that you may not be aware that we have had, for example many of our thinking processes occur at a sub-conscious level. Just as often, emotions first thing in the morning are frequently the result of a dream that we may not remember upon awakening. Have you considered hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy speaks to the sub conscious directly and can also be an effective treatment but within a shorter space of time.  

    Both of these methods of treatment can be effective but it is important to use the method that is right for you because if it isn't right and you don't buy in at the beginning, it won't work.