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HI, I am a 36 year old man and I have right hemiplegia. I  have no real functional  use of my right hand and arm, although I am fully ambulant. I currently receive low rate DLA care component (approx £22 a week) which I have received on an indefinite award since I was around 17. I recognise that at some point I am going to be asked to claim PIP, and my main question is, when? I see differing dates for when all DLA recipients will have been changed over to PIP, and I can't find an accurate timeline. Therefore I jump every time I check the mail. Any info regarding dates would be hugely gratefully received. 
Also, I am not sure if I will qualify for PIP - I only get lower rate care - what are the success rates for people with hemiplegia? I can argue that I deserve 8+ points for daily living, but my evidence is lacking. I have no dealings with medical professionals, aside from when I broke my hip in 2009 falling on ice whilst walking the dog. I work - not amazingly paid - and receive tax credits. Will these be affected if I Do not get PIP?Obviously if I get PIP I will be substantially better off (to the tune of an extra £32.65 a week) so should I bite the bullet and apply now? My condition has worsened since my mid twenties - my limp is more pronounced since I broke my hip, and my stamina is less. Sometimes I struggle to walk, though I don't use any aids. Should I try and evidence this?
Sorry for the many questions. I would just love to know where I stand. 
Thank you. 


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    Hi @DanielWearne welcome to the community - I have moved your post to the Ask a Benefits Advisor category so hopefully they will be able to offer some information and support to you.

    You can also try the PIP self test online to see what sort of points you could potentially receive.  Evidence is key to a good application, could you see your GP and get your medical records?

    If you decide to apply, you can use the CAB guide to filling in your PIP form, it takes it question by question, step by step and can be really useful.

    We have lots of members here who have been through the PIP process, so do take a look around and get involved, chat away and jump in on other conversations.
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    Hi  @DanielWearne

    You are right to start looking at your options for PIP so that you are prepared for the transition. You can start the transition now if you want, or you can wait for the DWP to contact you.
    At the moment, the DWP timetable for moving people from DLA to PIP states that people will be contacted by October 2017.
    The PIP self test online that Sam has directed you to above, is a great way of seeing which points you think you may 'score'. You note that you think you may score 8 points for daily living. If you want, you could start to note down examples of why these points apply, instances when without an aid / appliance / assistance / supervision etc you would not have been able to complete the activity and the consequences of not having this support.
    I'm afraid I cannot give you any indication of how many people with a similar condition to you have qualified as PIP is very much dependent on how your disability affects your daily living and mobility needs which could differ between people even with similar disabilities.
    If you are currently receiving the 'disability element' in your working tax credit your tax credits may be affected if lose your DLA and are not awarded PIP . You may need to explore whether you would qualify for tax credit support under a different 'route'

    I hope this is helpful,

    Good luck with your application and please post back if we can be of any further assistance.

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    Hi @DanielWearne
    A very big welcome to the community I do hope that we can help you in anyway???
    Please use the Benefits Advisory Servoce on the site to see how you could get on.
    Please please let us know if we can help you 


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