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I was due a payment today and have not been paid - do you know what could be wrong?

marionh123 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi i was just needing some advise, im on esa ive recently been accepted for carers allowance which i dont receive till next month, but i was due a payment today n have bot been payed, do you know what xould be wrong? Thanks


  • Liam_Alumni
    Liam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 1,105 Pioneering
    Hi @marionh123,

    Welcome to Scope's online community! It's great to have you here.

    I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having. Have you contacted the DWP about this?

    I've moved this discussion into our Ask a Benefits Advisor category, where @BenefitsTrainingCo may be able to offer further help and support.
  • Geoark
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    Hello @marionh123 and welcome to the community.

    Unfortunately things do occasionally go wrong and payments don't go out when they should. As @LiamO_Dell suggests your first step is to contact the DWP to find out what is going on.

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  • steve51
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    Hi @marionh123.

    A big welcome to our community.

    Yes you would be better off contacting DWP in the first instance.

    Have you had your payments on this date previously ???

    Please please let me know if I can help you further !!!!

  • BenefitsTrainingCo
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    Hello marionh123. The Carers Allowance helpline number is 0345 608 4321, and they should be able to track what is happening to your claim. Make sure you have your national insurance number to hand, and any claim reference you have been given. You can also get additional advice and support on being a carer from Carers UK - their website is www.carersuk.org. Make sure that you check out any consequences for other benefits now that you have been awarded Carers Allowance - sometimes you may be able to get extra amounts within some means tested benefits if you receive CA, and you always need to notify any agency paying you benefits if your income changes. There is a benefits calculator on this Scope website which you can use to check whether your benefit situation is correct or could be improved. Also, make sure that when your CA is finally paid, that it is backdated to the correct date. I hope this helps!

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