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For my daughter

Hello.I am asking for advice for my daughter. She is 23, and has long term health issues - she has shunts fitted as she produces too much fluid on her brain, so it drains off into her stomach. She also suffers from a lot of gynaecological issues, for which she's already had surgery, and will have more. She has been doing a degree, away from home, for the last two years. Her health has suffered greatly, so she has had to drop out in her last year. She applied for ESA, and today got a letter saying she'd not paid enough N.I to qualify. She was told she cannot apply for income based either, as her partner, who she lives with, does part time work and is a full time student. She's at a loss now. She cannot work due to her disabilities, and she cannot sign on as fit for work. Can anyone advise on what she can do now please? She has zero income for herself.  


  • Nystagmite
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    Does she get pip or DLA?
  • YorkshireLass
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    Thanks for the reply. No, she applied for PIP a couple of years ago, but because she spends her life trying to act like she has no disability to 'prove' she can do it, she failed the medical requirements. She has hospital visits regularly, and often has to go and have a bolt screwed into her skull, to measure her pressure for three days. But she doesn't like anyone thinking she has any limited ability. However, for this ESA application, she supplied all her doctors letters and her latest surgery notes.
  • ourvoices
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    Hi @YorkshireLass, sadly it might not be possible to claim ESA, but I would take advice from an organisation such as the Benefits Advisers on this Community or she could get in touch with your local CAB:

    My advice would be to try PIP again and to set aside worries about having a disability (just for this process).  It will be important to fully describe how her conditions affect her ability to perform each of the activities for PIP.

    I completely understand how hard it can be to admit that you have health problems especially when you find yourself fighting to 'fit in' with the world around you. PIP is there to help with these kinds of difficulties.

    Re-apply, get help to complete the application form and best of luck.

  • vectisgal1
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    Go and talk to her consultant and the GP.  A medical letter stating your daughters health issues should be able to sway towards a positive result for benefits.  Good luck and keep trying!  Give as much info as you can on the forms and remember to give the info reporting how much help she requires on her worst days!  And for her future needs too. 


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