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Hidden Disabilities:

figraspberry41 Scope Member Posts: 10 Listener
I recently read (partially) a news piece that stated comments were made by a Council member who commented on behaviour by children with neuro diverse conditions causing disruption to classroom settings is attributed to 'bad behaviour and poor parenting. I gather a number of parents (and grandparents) were most displeased!  At the time the comment made by the Councillor suggested that these children should be institutionalised! 
Perhaps Councillors should receive some education into neuro diverse conditions? It is shameful that people who suffer from these conditions have to be affected by other peoples' short sightedness and ignorance of these conditions. 
Many people live and work successfully within communities leading productive lives. 
I believe that there are increasing numbers (like myself) who have lived (and worked) with neuro diverse conditions who do not receive a diagnosis until much later in life, late into their adulthood. I was diagnosed (after much 'fighting' through processes) when I was almost 60 years old! I have spent 45years working in the NHS and over 40 years as a qualified nurse! So, forgive me if I feel incensed by the comments made by the Councillor, who needs to be educated in this area before making such 'brash statements'. 
Just another thought, how much does it cost to adequately fund such an institution? Also, are we not supposed to be living in a more equal society, where people are accepted despite their colour, race, ethnic background, gender, religion, neuro diversity or other 'minority' that they may be? 


  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 2,883 Scope online community team
    I watched the video of the councilors in question and as a late diagnosed autistic, I was heartbroken to hear people speak in such archaic terms.  "Maybe he doesnt have 'whatever it is', maybe he's just a naughty boy?" 

    Since there was such an uproar over the video, they have come out, apologised and agreed they should know more about conditions before speaking.  But I do agree that the people who are in charge of our daily lives should at least do a bit of research before making comments, or even better, have a team who are specialists to speak to first. 
    Albus (he/him)

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  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Community member Posts: 13,038 Disability Gamechanger
    As someone who was the "naughty boy" at school before being diagnosed as neurodiverse later on, I have to agree that it is sad to automatically assume.

    But also have to say that not assuming works both ways. i.e. It's wrong to assume one way but also wrong to assume the other way as well.

    I don't think everyone should have free reign to take cover under the label of neurodiverse just because we have to automatically assume everyone could be neurodiverse. There are plenty of people who are "just naughty".
  • WhatThe
    WhatThe Community member, Scope Member Posts: 886 Pioneering
    edited February 11

    Really? With two-thirds of the prison population believed to be neurodivergent? 

    It's not a cover and it's perfectly fine to assume most people you meet are not because most people are not!

  • figraspberry41
    figraspberry41 Scope Member Posts: 10 Listener
    Thank  you all for the comments so far. In response to 66Mustang, I agree that there are children who behave badly and not because they have a neuro diverse condition to 'hide' behind. That statement could be said of other neuro diverse conditions like ADHD, which in boys  are more likely than girls have a higher rate of displaying poor or inappropriate behaviour. You are right we should not always assume that a child who is 'naughty' must have a neuro diverse condition but as you say that assumption also has to work both ways, in as much that the behaviour is not neuro diverse but due to something else or even just that the child is being 'naughty'. Children are meant to be 'naughty' to a degree, it is part of their learning process to 'push boundary's'.  That said there is far more known about the conditions these days than when I was a child and there should be much more education given to the teachers and carer's of children to recognise and identify  children who may be displaying these symptoms but work with the parents (who maybe in denial that  their child has a problem) to seek a diagnosis and the help and support the individual needs (and support for the families too). 
    Institutionalising people even in prison, unless the individual's crime so warranted it e.g. something that was not directly related to their neuro diversity but is breaking the law since there are more likely genuine law-abiding citizens than law breakers. Nor should people be institutionalised simply because they have a neuro diverse condition. As the number of people with neuro diverse conditions increases because of the increased knowledge about these conditions there will be an increase in diagnosis being made. This does not excuse those people to 'hide' behind their condition but  there needs to be the support properly available to people who are diagnosed with the condition especially later in life and better ways to educate the colleagues / co- workers of adults 'newly' diagnosed. 
    It is very sad to see that there are people who work in positions of power who's lack of knowledge and understanding of neuro diverse conditions make the comments and cause such distress to those who live with or care for someone with the neuro diverse condition.  


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