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Birthing stories

JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
I am curious to know if any other mothers whose child has been subsequently diagnosed with autism had a traumatic birthing experience.I am not saying they is any links as i dont know, I am just curious to see if there are similarities.


  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Interesting question.....I had the pregnancy from hell. Pre pregnancy I was 8 1/2 stone, weighed on the day my son was enduced I was 7 stone and he weighed 9 lbs, 3 weeks early. I suffered food poisoning and went into early labour at 28 weeks. Doctors stopped the birth and used drugs to aid my recovery. Steroids were also used. Eventually enduced due to my poor health, the labour was 30 minutes and he arrived not breathing. Whether he suffered a stroke, or siezure is still not clear, but we spent most of his first years in and out of hospitals with a new diagnoses being added annually as the extent of his disabilities has become more clear. NEVER AGAIN! The stress on every member of the family has been enormous and I would never think of risking another child. Having said that, we still love him to bits and it has certainly taught us not to take life for granted and to appreciate the good times.
  • JimJams
    JimJams Member Posts: 174 Connected
    I had a good pregnancy, it was the birth that was quite traumatic, 24hrs from start to finish, my boy was showing distress a few times and poo'ed inside the womb also which is not good, they then tried forceps and could not budge him and cut his head, then had emergency c section after pushing for two hours, he was lying sideways and was never going to come out the normal way. I also had several different drugs for the pain and to speed up labour etc. I am not sure if there is any link , still cant quite come to terms that they can really offer no explanation for what causes autism


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