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Candyfloss Community member Posts: 34 Listener
Hi Rosebud here..won appeal in 2010 ask had 3 grade COPD but was refused DLA by a decision maker as I was told this was a taxable benefit.was given Income Support with a premium.As I had an Occupational pension this was deducted sum = £67 per week As heart Disease was diagnosed I applied for mobility as I can't walk further than 10 yards points awarded 0. I attended ESA assessment by taxi was told would not be reimbursed as they had asked my own doctor if I could take public transport.As I had checked with her before I went I knew this was untrue.After examination on my vital signs she agreed that a taxi was needed ,went to the desk and told the sneering staff to order this. When  I contacted my doctor again she was so angry she sent a letter to them,I was reimbursed for my taxi .Income Support and premium continued .Four weeks passed when a phone call from ESA told me that I would be put on work related ESA.Do I need to wait for a letter or do I contact CAB now as I will be appealing as they try everything to stop genuine cases in the hope that they will just give up.....


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