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5 year ban. What to do?

suzannah17 Member Posts: 19 Connected
Posting for a friend this is what they’ve said.
Hi everyone this time last year I had a ban from Motability for 5 years, reason being is I was accused of being involved in a house burglary when I wasn’t the police have no further actioned my brother as there’s no proof the car was involved (because it wasn’t) and there’s no proof he was (because he wasn’t) and that’s it but I’ve got to reap the benefits of being on a 5 year ban for absolutely nothing, I appealed there ban before the police replied to say I wasn’t involved but now I have the letter they aren’t helping I’ve asked for a review twice now and no help, my brother was arrested for this I wasn’t but he was the one NFA’d as he was sat on my drive in the car charging his phone waiting for me to return. Anyway the reason for being banned is because ‘ permitting uninsured driving ‘ ‘ leaving the vehicle unsecure ‘ ‘ failing to report your vehicle was taken without consent ‘ ‘ making false statements during an insurance investigation ‘.

Theyre defeating the object no car was being driven uninsured BECAUSE IT WASNT TOOK the car wasn’t left unsecure the car wasn’t took so I couldn’t report it and as for making a false statement there was no false statement all I said was if this car was involved in this burglary then it must of been stolen because I definatly never given anyone permission to drive it and how can I report a car taken if I wasn’t even at home? I got a letter from my doctor to say the medication I was on at the time of the interview would of affected my judgement of a true statement and the fact I have autism anxiety and depression and psychotic illnesses this also affects the statement but other then that I haven’t done anything to deserve this I’m now 1 year into a 5 year ban and get no were in life as I can’t afford a car I’ve tried every avenue possible!
Ive asked CAB for help they don’t specialise in this case as it’s only help for applying for things, where do I stand if I get a private solicitor involved? Can I take Motability to court?



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