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Scope survey on cost of living.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 731 Pioneering
I have signed the survey from Scope about the cost of living and how this is applied to the sick and disabled.
  My problem is that with the cost of living rising and the cost of support in more ways than one going up for the sick and disabled, why we have to sign petitions and get "the other side" to raise awareness of our plight.
Who are the people in government (MP's and PM) actually looking after?  If they don't know by now that we are all struggling and with some of the things like giving a "Lump sum" at the end or start of the month is not solving the problem?  The amount I am using in Electric per day is over £10 and probably the same or just under on GAS?
  How or why are they (OFCOM) (I think its them) with the government reset the prices of Gas and electric so that you can still make BILLIONS OF POUNDS PROFIT but at least the people that have to use more, have some respite as to the soaring prices.
  After all what is profit?  its what is made after all expenses are taken out.  For instance if a profit of £55 Million Pounds was made last year then the dividends paid out to investors is pro rata, if the following year a profit of £20 Million pounds was made is that classed as a LOSS or a PROFIT? 
  MY POINT IS THERE IS A BREAK EVEN POINT and once reached it becomes a profit, and the only thing then is how much is paid to the investors from this profit.
  I thought that the terms British Gas and Companies in Britain would understand what we are going through with the cost of living and adjust there prices accordingly.
  Yes we have to, because of supply and demand import utilities, but are we not trying to become self sufficient?  Since we are all going "green" soon why aren't these companies who are making huge profits not ploughing money back into investment and building "nuclear" power stations like the one that just went under because of lack of investment money?
  Why are we having Chinese or Germans building these stations, don't we have the skills and expertise to build them or is the government always looking for investment from out side Britain?
  We had until recently a Toll on the Severn Bridge this was run by a French Company along with most car Parks including the NHS Hospital car parks, which are slowly now not charging to visit loved ones in hospital or even to go to A & E let alone their OWN STAFF.
  MY point being the government can do much more to kick start the economy but are not?  You know the reasons, and don't have to have it spelled out, but this government and their attitudes to supporting the British industries is like some one with a Paper bag over there Heads.   Still able to breath and knowing which direction they are heading but has a tendency to veer off with out being able to see why.   


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