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Don't ask, don't tell - going for a full time job because I'm so fed up of all of this

Lottie1732 Community member Posts: 124 Pioneering
edited May 2023 in Work and employment
Is it true that a potential employer (I have an interview for a full on 9-5 on Friday!) can't ask about health issues and nor do I have to tell?

I don't know if I can manage it really but decided to fight back because I almost can (and I know many can't) 

The UC/LCWA/PIP/Housing stuff s*** I've decided is too ******* awful right now. I'd be better off trying to work even if it means I fall down in the street. There's a lot riding on this. I might get to keep my home after all. If I do fall down in the street at least I will be able to do a Spike Milligan and say, "I told you I was ill". 

Hope you're all having a fabulous bank hols!


  • Stellar
    Stellar Community member Posts: 131 Pioneering
    you don't have to tell them anything, nor do they have to ask. same goes for anything else that is seen as personal or oversharing if done at work.

    that said, i've been in a similar position to you regarding support and services. i can tell you from experience that trying to work to get away from these underlying problems isn't worth it.

    unless you can fully conceal your needs in the workplace, sooner or later you will end up being let go on health grounds and being told to access support to address your underlying circumstances.

    be very careful going down this road.
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 54,403 Disability Gamechanger
    No you don't have to declare health restrictions, but it won't be in your favour if you need support or adaptions later on. 
  • Cartini
    Cartini Community member Posts: 1,108 Pioneering
    From ACAS:
    By law, an employer can only ask an employee or job applicant whether they have a disability if it's for specific reasons. For example to: prevent health and safety risks. avoid disability discrimination.
    So yes, in these instances, an employer can ask.

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