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Cmht/transforming care meeting

Bettahm Community member Posts: 1,443 Disability Gamechanger
This carries on from the cmht discharge thread, anything I've put on here about cmht.
They had the meeting about my accessing their psychologist. Also I had asked it was to hold them accountable for the lies, ignoring my emails, making decisions regarding my life without informing me, and the attitude of my support worker, also lying to mps office (who are now not responding to me) and PALS (who closed the enquiry).
I do not yet know if these things were discussed. 
So to have access to a psychologist I must be under a cpn. Cpn then decides which of his patients most needs to talk with the psychologist and allocates them to him. (Not sure how this works....)
I would have to go thru another assessment. 
Transforming care have told them everything will have to be done on prearranged prebooked phone calls as I will no longer let anyone in the house. The phone part will be hard, I may push for emails. TC also said all assessment questions must be sent to me in advance.
I no longer trust cmht. Nor the cpn who I did trust and he abused that trust.
I think I need more info on how he decides who gets to talk to the psychologist, is it a one off session or ongoing etc.
But after all they have done to date, which is made me worse, I dont know... dont trust them.
I'm withdrawing from the outside world and to some extent it doesn't bother me.
But I need to get better. 
Steps 2 Change do psychology,  I have had two sessions from them in the past but they said I wasnt ready. I have self referred again.
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