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Poem - Christmas is gone.

onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 731 Pioneering

Christmas is over.


  Now that Christmas has come and gone

The presents opened, the wrapping paper gone.

Did you get what you wanted,

or is there something, that you still want?


I know that we ask for material things

A computer, video game, or push-along scooter

But what about those who are ill

Will they be out before this New Year?


1 Million Minutes the pledge goes on

But what are MPs doing to help this along?

Have they got the doctors back,

so they, not contractors take up the slack?


I don’t want to finish the year

where I left off, waiting in a queue,

Fighting the list like everyone.

I must be somewhere near the top

It was this time last year, that I was still beating a gong.


Can we make 2024, the year that we simply take the lead

And show others what we need.

It is not only about finance and how to manage

But help with treatment we never had.


Before I shake this mortal coil,

I have one more wish to make

To make this government accountable  

For the mess where in.


OBV 28/12/2023.


  • WhatThe
    WhatThe Community member, Scope Member Posts: 886 Pioneering


    (Of course it isn't really ;) )
    We'll be debating whether decorations come down on the 4th or 6th January and we'll see Christmas reductions on sale for weeks yet. 
    Eventually, someone at the council will notice the street decorations need to come down too..

    I appreciate your poem and I'm looking forward to New Year celebrations with the big day behind us now :)

  • Beaver79
    Beaver79 Community member, Scope Member Posts: 15,228 Disability Gamechanger
    Looks like there could be a May General Election.
  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Scope Member Posts: 731 Pioneering
    Its not all gloom and doom, and the poem is meant to reflect the year of struggle.
      But I have plans for the future where history will speak for itself.  I am looking to make a wish for the New Year.  How about you?  Something that will last longer than 30 Minutes?  Dam, I have to think of another one now.....
      No, only joking have you thought about your New Year's resolution yet?   Post what you are going to try to do...... or not do....  (That plenty of SCOPE, (no pun intended))


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