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PIP Unable to find medical evidence from Child DLA CLAIM

gloriacun23 Community member Posts: 9 Listener
edited March 24 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hello. My daughter has recently applied for PIP after turning 16 and when requesting the form we were asked if we would like to use the evidence from the old child DLA claim and we agreed that we would. 

2 weeks ago I carried out a telephone assessment on behalf of my daughter as her appointee and I was told that it was going to audit. Haven’t heard back yet whether it’s now with DWP but today got a letter advising that unfortunately they are unable find the medical evidence that was requested. This is quite confusing as my daughter was awarded DLA from about the age of 9 and plentiful medical evidence was submitted with the original claim, including updated evidence when submitting all DLA renewals over the years. How is it possible that they cannot find the evidence requested? 

I have included recent medical reports along with the PIP form and provided additional information during the assessment but the letter requests that if we have any other medical evidence we would like to use then to submit it by the 5th March 2024. Should we be worried that we have not provided enough? 

Do PIP usually also take in to consideration past medical evidence relating to child DLA claims as I am wondering whether I should call to ask for an explanation as to why the past evidence cannot be located? 

I do have a few other medical letters that I did not add with the form including a letter written for why my daughter could not participate in the telephone assessment (which was not needed as independent assessment services allowed me to carry out the assessment) but on this letter is a request from my daughters MH practitioner to advise that if they have any queries to get in touch with them. 

I was thinking to hold this back in case PIP is not successful and I can provide more documents for a MR. 

Can anyone give any advice on this please? 


  • MW123
    MW123 Scope Member Posts: 470 Pioneering

    Just wanted to say hello to you. Unfortunately, I am afraid I cannot answer the questions you have raised but I am sure someone in our community with relevant knowledge will notice your post and provide you with a helpful answer.
  • yanni
    yanni Community member Posts: 91 Pioneering
    edited February 25

    You could make a Subject Access Request (SAR) which requires the DWP to provide copies of the information they hold about your daughter's DLA claim and renewals.

    No guarantees but I have heard of cases where  ‘missing’ information mysteriously becomes available when a SAR is requested.

    Unfortunately It can take up to a month for the request to be processed but if you don’t receive it before a decision is made you can use it for a MR if you need to do one.

     You need to be precise about what information you need and over what period otherwise you will be sent a mountain of paperwork including everything from payment listings to internal document flows.


     (Look at the section headed: ‘If you need a copy of any other information that DWP holds about you’)

  • gloriacun23
    gloriacun23 Community member Posts: 9 Listener
    Hi, thank you for your responses. I have requested online for a SAR now. The DWP advised that although they offer to provide you with past medical information for child DLA claims, once a claim is awarded they don't often keep medical evidence? Why they would then offer copies to use when claiming for PIP in this case just makes no sense! Regardless, today we received the assessment report back and looking at the points, if the decision maker does go with the recommendations from the report my daughter will be entitled to Enhanced rate for both. Until then we will wait to receive the letter, when the decision is made but would anyone know whether the DM could go against what is suggested and will award based on their own suggestions? I know I should be patient, I have spent the last few weeks feeling really anxious and losing sleep as I completed the assessment as her appointee and I do not want to let her down as I am  answering for her. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you x 


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