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uc50/ wca/ lcwra .

g7iqj Community member Posts: 90 Courageous
edited March 22 in Universal Credit (UC)
UPDATE  saga goes on BEEN  6 mouths now  since lodged  TRIBUNRAL  appeal uc50/ wca  ( LCWRA )  STILL waiting  ALSO  waiting 7 mouths now for orphopedics  assetnment / treatnment  on long wait list . REGULAR  phone appoitnments UC   coach , & UP TO DATE FIT NOTES  may 2024  .  HAD  phone converstion  with DWP  3rd party  train , work prep provider .  (SEETEC-PLUS)  JOKE, I    AGE 60  mobility issuies walk / shuffle  Max 20 meteres with stick , stand 1- 2 min aided . CANT self propel  wheelchair , bring on scatica . HAVE  blue badge as car my mobility .  BUT  work prep  centre is in pedestrian area  NO  on site parking  NO  on street parking double yellows stripes  on pavetnment  no stopping / load 24/ 7 . Nearest  blue badge parking  60- 80 meteres  out side my range .  WHEN  i told (seetec-plus) this  i cant get they . . UNDER  2010  equality div act reasonable adjustnments  in work / train place & 1.41& 1.42  service providers guide  alternative location   training / internet / phone based . THEY NEVER HEARD RULES LOL.   LOOKING IN TO IT .  I  just want to be left alone  to HAVE  orphopedic treatnment  get bit MOBILTY  back ,, then  possable consider going back to work . NOT NOT  hounded/ bully, forced to .  SAD  despite  2024 & election year  RACHEL / REEVES / LABOUR  if they come to power  have not said they REVOKE / AMEND 2023 DISABILTY WHITE PAPER .  Bully/ force , age 55-65 with disabiltys back to WORK . MOST  us payed 40 + yrs class 1 NI (paye)  so by pay min 35 yrs our  oap  penstion is paid for but cant claim it to 66 & rising .   & UC  is not benefit its in works top up  HOPE / HURDLES  UC50 /   WCA/  TRIBUNRAL  to try get justise fairness   (LCWRA)  IF  you cant stand  more 1-2 min / 20 metere MAX  shuffle aid  with stick  you cant / dont go far do much  inc WORK .   Commonsense .   


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