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Epilepsy, Anxiety & Autism

MaryJ0225 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi - my son (20) was diagnosed with epilepsy approx 2 years ago and is on daily meds - these mostly manage his condition but he has some breakthroughs (mostly in sleep). Ending up dropping out of Uni after first year given seizure increase. 
He's recently been diagnosed with anxiety by GP and also put on meds for same + counselling.  I was told there is no correlation between anxiety and seizures but every time he has an interview/exam/significant stressful event the seizure rate shoots up. 
GP has also referred him for Autism (GPs suggestion after anxiety appointment).
Son is very bright academically (maths especially) but just can't seem to cope socially - he can mask (if that's right term?) for short periods and then decompress at home but, when away (eg at Uni) just can't cope with lack of home/support on ongoing basis.  
He wants to restart local uni in Sept this year - degree in Maths.  I'm supportive but worried - however, I'm not sure what alternatives are.  2 years ago he was doing A levels with no diagnosis - now he has 3 quite significant disabilities to deal with.  I'm glad in one way he has the diagnosis but I am worried about his life chances - he struggles severely socially and I just don't know what job etc he'll do long-term and how he'll support himself and cope with life etc. 
We obviously love him and I blame myself for maybe not spotting cues earlier but with full-time working and other children maybe it didn't become obvious until he was living on his own.  I feel terrible for thinking he was being unfocused/lazy when he couldn't juggle multiple things at once & would ignore/forget emails/texts etc. However, I now wonder if it was just always part of his condition etc. 
Anyway, I'd welcome any advice or experience from those who've either dealt with similar for themselves or their children and any tips/advice for care-givers/parents.  please be kind. thanks in advance. 


  • Albus_Scope
    Albus_Scope Posts: 4,081 Scope online community team
    Hi @MaryJ0225 and welcome to the community. :)

    I'm sorry to hear your son is struggling with the anxiety.  I was late diagnosed as autistic, so I fully understand that feeling of "if only we'd known sooner?" I think it's perfectly natural to think like that, it's a big change!  I also suffered from fits when younger, which at the time they'd diagnosed as epilepsy, but later changed their minds and called them "stress related fits" which I thankfully grew out of in my 20s! 

     The masking can be very tiring, but it's good he's trying to get out there socially. But the ability to be able to safely decompress really is essential for us to avoid burnout. Even just a bedroom can be all that's really needed. :) 
    Albus (he/him)

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  • Bravers
    Bravers Scope Member Posts: 10 Connected
    I hope It works out for You and Your son.


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