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kez2005 Member Posts: 1
im goin mental here (but hopefully not goin to start moanin again!)
riley is nearly 4, his cp obviously affects his weight (i let him b as mobile as poss, which i know burns up way to many calories, but im not prepared to strap him in a chair 24/7 in the name of WEIGHT GAIN!)hes also prone to chokin, gaggin (which can sometimes put him off his dinner)noe of this helps when coupled with the fact that all my family have always been underweight.
riley has fallen away from the centile chart badly, and now his height has stopped growin too ( which i think should be medically looked into, and yet nothin seems to be done!)
he is on calogen and a very high calorie diet, and most times can eat everything in sight! and yet the weight still keeps fallin.
of course we have the dietician, health visitor involved etc etc. and yet im made to feel like i starve my child!
even to the point that my HV is phonin my social worker behind my back tellin her of her concern!(only have SW cos iasked for one to help with the equipment side of things, NOT cos someones reported me for bein a bad mum!)
has anyone else felt like the profs are
1. not lookin into other causes for their childs weight
2.judging u
or 3. startin to take over EVERY aspect of ur life?
or am i just bein paranoid and stupid?
where do u stand tellin some of these ppl to p off without feelin like ur not a good mum?
iv already had comments from the SW like ' u sure youll be able to COPE in the holidays'
wot the hell she meant by that, i dont know....... in fact me and my kids have done more in the hols thn she prob does all year!
maybe im labelled cos im a stereotypical single mum on benefits livin in a council house......so thereforew i dont feed my son???!!!
i have already called SW to close the case, as i feel that my hols, time, life is bein takin over by too many ppl. i dont want to cancel everyone, but im on the verge of tellin them all to buttout
so any weight issues or advice on dealin with the profs would be gratfully appreciated (or if anyone else feels like their life is not their own, please let me know that im not alone!)
i have spent the last year becomming really positive about my sons life and condition, and i can feel these ppl makin me negative about my abilities in bein his only carer!
oh no i can feel the moanin comin on. time to stop!
not even sure wot im goin on about anymore lol
take care


  • cilcil
    cilcil Member Posts: 9 Connected
    weight is a problem for my son too he is 13 and has always struggled with he only weighs 19 kilos let me nkow how he gets on maybe he needs peg feed for top up
  • imogen37
    imogen37 Member Posts: 61 Listener

    can't help with the weight issue, not yet anyway, but the way I deal with unwanted appointmets is that I cancel them a day before, tell that I'll phone back to make a new one and never bother until I really need one.

    Knowing a bit how SW works, they won't take notice if you just ask your case to be closed. Just keep cancelling appointments, don't need to give a reason, just say it's not convenient. Unless your kid is on register, it should work.



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