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hemiplegia hand treatment

mpmurray Member Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Cerebral palsy
Hiya my names mike. i have mild hemiplegia who is only afftected by reduced co-odination and hand left hand functions. I was just wondering whether anyone has come across any good hand motor skills exercise or where i can find them. i know the prober route is through the doctor however i dont want to go through them because they just tell me theres nothing they can do. i know i can atleast get 75% hand functions back i just need to know how. I am losing a lot of job opportunities


  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Hello Mike

    The are hand clinics available in certain PCTs. I dont know what facilities are in your area. Our hand clinic is part of the physio department, I think it needs to be accessed via your GP. You can try ringing the physio department direct and maybe speak to someone but will probably be redirected to you GP! If your GP is unhelpful - change GPs until you find someone reasonable!

    Good luck

  • mpmurray
    mpmurray Member Posts: 4
    hiya. thanks for replying kate. I will follow your advice. thanks
  • ?
    ? Member Posts: 1
    Since I was a kid I've been encouraged to squeeze a soft ball in my right hand (affected side) 100x a day or so and that has meant I have enough strength and control of grip to pick up a bag or hold a door open. I don't have great feedback so glasses and cups are a bit risky, although ridged rather than smooth surfaces help, and mostly a one handed typer but my right thumb manages the shift and the enter keys if I position my elbow to rest higher than hand - usually on a cushion. The gravity seems to make things less erratic. Hope you get the support you need as we're all different...


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