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Finding and using winter boots with adult afos

I just started wearing afos a month or two ago and I am concerned about the approaching winter. I cannot put my afos in my shoes, before putting my foot in, because of the way my afos are made. In the nice weather, I can wear wide, oversized sneakers. I don't know of any brand of winter boots that would let me insert my foot as one would a sneaker. Can anyone recommend a brand or website that would have something I can get through the winter with? If not, can anyone recommend an alternative so that I am not housebound all winter. Thank you.



  • kingboy25kingboy25 Member Posts: 57 Listener
    I did reply to this post as Rosie1 but it didn't appear for some reason so I have re-registered, so here goes.
    Have you thought about hiking or hill walking boots. They are very roomy and have a very good sole for icy or snowy conditions. You will find them in shops catering for people who enjoy outdoor pursuits.

  • acrossthepondacrossthepond Member Posts: 36
    Hi Kingboy25,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I would never have thought of that, on my own, but it is worth looking into further. At least it gives me an avenue to pursue, before the winter snow gets here. Joyce
  • leg_ironleg_iron Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Hi there, i have to wear orthotics in my boots and have been wearing Berghaus explorer gortex boots for quite a few years. They are a bit expensive but they are very comfortable even in the summer as the gortex means that your feet dont get hot and sweaty. They also are waterproof too. I did speak to the bloke who made the orthotics that i wear and he told me that the berghaus boots that i was wearing were better than what he could get me.
  • acrossthepondacrossthepond Member Posts: 36
    Hi Leg Iron,

    Thank you so much for making this suggestion. It is another avenue for me to investigate before the snow arrives. I will need to investigate this to see if our outdoor sporting goods type stores, here in the U.S., carry these shoes so I can get the correct size and width.
  • leg_ironleg_iron Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Howw about looking on Amazon.com? I know the Amazon website in UK does sell Berghaus boots.
  • acrossthepondacrossthepond Member Posts: 36
    Hi Leg Iron,

    Thanks for another excellent suggestion. I am becoming much more confident now that I will manage to get through the winter months and not become a housebound, couch-potato.
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