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bath seats

taylorae1 Member Posts: 3
my twin grandsons although 6 1/2 years old are very small as they were born at 24 weeks. To give you an idea of size they are wearing age 2 to 3 clothes. Anyhow the problem we are having at the moment is the bath seat that we have for them, the strap no longer fits round the middle of them. The OT visited today and said that they cant get any bigger bath seat for them. Can anybody advise. We are also looking for away that there specially adapted pushchairs could be joined together to make a twin pushchair as with recently having a new baby in the family, they are unable to go out as a family and the OTs reply is you cant get a twin pushchair that would be suitable. Why is everthing so difficult to get? I would be grateful of any help or advise


  • Royce22
    Royce22 Member Posts: 4
    i think company called ottobock does twin pushchair.our son is having one of their pushchairs through wheelchair services.i think they are v good.try or ask your ot or wheelchair sevices for catalouge.
  • ScopeHelpline
    ScopeHelpline Member Posts: 207 Courageous
    The DLF Helpline are often able to offer specialist advice on sourcing equipment:
  • Royce22
    Royce22 Member Posts: 4
    Also there is a bath seat called Otter not sure of the manufacturers name, but they come in various sizes up to young adult. They look a bit like a beach chair and can be reclined or upright depending on the childs sitting capability. The seat we are currently waiting for is a bit like a bean bag. yo put it in the bath shape it round the child then pump out the air to keep its shape. not sure of it's name, but once it arrives I'll put it on here. We have searched the Internet for bath seats for our son Harry and there are numerous types avaiable. So start chasing your grandsons OT to sort something alternative.
  • taylorae1
    taylorae1 Member Posts: 3
    thanks Royce22 I will have a look on the website and send them an email
  • AnnieB
    AnnieB Member Posts: 5 Listener
    The "bean-bag" style bathseat described is a Burnett vacuum support system, and they work really well. I have one for my 2 children with CP, though not sure if they do one small enough for your twins.
    When my children were smaller we had a "Flipper" seat which I think is also from Otto Bock. This was good also, easy to transport for holidays, and sat the children low in the water so that you don't waste the first 2 inches of the bathwater as you do with some seats!


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