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Bedtime - 3 Children

jenster22 Member Posts: 9
Hiya, just another quick question.
I am not a single parent but my husband is a chef and is never here so I do the dinner, bath and bedtime routine alone.

I have a 7yr old and twins age 3, one of which has CP. He is very dependant and can not alk, sit, stand or walk.

In order to settle Joe off to sleep i have to stay with him for approx 15 minutes to make sure he is comfortable and in the right position to sleep. My question is this ...

Do i take him to bed first, leaving the other 2 children downstairs alone for 15 minutes, or do I take the other 2 to bed first leaving Joe alone while i settle them? (this can somethimes take 5-10 mins after kisses and goodnight chitter chatter!)
I already read the bedtime story downstairs rather than in the bedroom but im starting to think maybe i need a change of routine with the bedtime rota??

Does anyone find themselves in a similar situation or can see a really simple solution?!

Thanks Guys xXx


  • ScopeHelpline
    ScopeHelpline Member Posts: 207 Courageous

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  • b8s
    b8s Member Posts: 33
    I am in a really similar position. Husband works every hour, and I am at home with six children, the eldest is 10, and youngest is two. My 31/2yr old daughter has CP and has to be positioned in sleep system etc at bedtime. Whilst I am putting her to bed, my eight yr old reads an extra bedtime story to the younger ones quitely in their room, until I am ready to tuck them in. It works really well, the little ones enjoy the extra story, and my older one thrives on the responsibility.
    Once all the smaller ones are all tucked up, it is a great oppurtunity to spend quality time with my older ones, that way I don't feel anyone has missed out.
  • jenster22
    jenster22 Member Posts: 9
    You sound amazing!!

    6 Children and one with special needs, I'd love to have more but worry about taking time away from the others. I come from a big family and always wanted a big family myself, but the time and effort needed to look after my son just makes me feel it wouldnt be fair on the others just yet, hopefully in the future when i feel more prepared.
    Well done you - Im v jealous!

    Your routine sounds good, hopefully i can tear them away from wresting together to get them to sit down and read a story together!! Im sure my 7yr old would love a 'job' to make him feel grown up, then with the promise of time just me and him its an added bonus.

    Thank you so much xx
  • curliesue2
    curliesue2 Member Posts: 6
    Hi i have 3 children too. 7,5 and 2. My husband works long hours and is never at home before the children go to bed. My youngest has cp she cannot walk or stand. My eldest stays up later than the other two. I send my 5 year old to bed at 7 then spend time doing my 2 year old daughters excercises and then putting her gaitors and night splints on then she goes to bed bout half 7 by time i've finished then the eldest at 8. I find it hard because i don't get time to read to them as my two boys have home work and i have to see to them and make sure they've done that. We can only do our best.


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