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Potty training: out and about

hilsflynn Member Posts: 24
Hi everyone,
We are 3 weeks into our 2nd attempt at potty training our 3 year old with athetoid cp (problems with nursery potty and adaptations at home halted our 1st attempt). To our amazement, he has already asked once to go on the potty...and he had held on especially, as he went strainght away (too much detail I know!). However, it now means we need a plan for what to do if he asks when we are out and about.

At home we have a flamingo shower/toileting chair upstairs and a special needs potty downstairs....does anyone have any suggestions...or particular things to avoid....for a portable something? He is particularly weak around his core, so while he does not need straps, we do need something which he sits fairly low in to provide as much support as possible around his hips.


  • Flossy
    Flossy Member Posts: 16
    Hi we got off my sons OT a commode chair right for his height and size, with waist support and this was low also ask can you have one with a lap tray we had ours for awhile but unfortunately son has not feeling to when hes going so still in nappies from the incontenence service. We have the flamingo shower chair its brill its unfortunate that it doesnt go down low so son can get on it himself this is his second one and this time we asked for head support as he always throws his head back which isnt good. If you are still having problems when your child is 4 years of age I would ask for your area the incontenence service for nappies you dont pay for these, as your child is still in nappies that a 4 year old wouldnt be and if you buy them online you are exempt from VAT. You can do this now but you will have to pay for them, which I did till son received them from incontinence service. Google ALLANDA you register and fill the vat form online or send in and look for the nappies if you spend
  • Flossy
    Flossy Member Posts: 16
    Hi sorry forgot to mention out and about ask your OT about this issue. Also do you have a Disabled toilet key, they are worth there weight in gold, make sure you get a couple one for the car and one to go on your key ring. Also CHANGING PLACES these are like medical rooms they have a long bed not like the pull down table for babys son would break this. Some changing places have a bed so you can maybe wash your child if needed. Just google changing places for your area or when on your travels. RADAR is where the keys are mainly but if you google online cutting services this site sells small radar keys about 5 i think for
  • hilsflynn
    hilsflynn Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info...we are all sorted for home and holidays, it is the short trips out and about I was wondering what people do whilst potty training...rather than long term. Although the reminder about getting a RADAR key is well timed. My experience of public disabled toilets is pretty limited to date, but poor so I'm not looking forward to it. Are they usually ok?

    As for what to do during the potty training stage...I have taken a risk on the bumbo toilet training seat...it is much deeper (and softer) than all the others I have seen...but just about small enough for me to carry around in a bag on the back of the wheelchair. It will act as an extra pair of hands stabilising my boy and give him a bit of security/confidence while we are in the early stages of getting him happy to use toilets when we are out and about.

    We are lucky enough to get free nappies from age 3 in our area (providing there is a medical reason why they can't be toilet trained), so are all sorted, although we won't be needing them in the longer term. Is that unusual?
  • ClaudiaCockburn
    ClaudiaCockburn Member Posts: 9
    there's an organisation called promocon who gave a presentation at Naidex or somewhere. they're full of great ideas. not easy to get hold of but they do get back to you eventually: www.promocon.co.uk
  • Baumie
    Baumie Member Posts: 5
    Have you tried a porta potty?

    This is a plastic potty that flat packs and fits nicely into the back of the car. You buy it with potty bags that hold all and sundry. It was a real life saver for us as my daughter would need to go there and then.

    She also had weak core muscles and with the porta potty you can stick them in the boot of the car and support their spin while they go.

    Have a look online. They used to sell them in Boots, but you will definitely find one on ebay.



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