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Motor skills development

msujb Member Posts: 9
edited June 2014 in Cerebral palsy
My son Harry was diagnosed with CP at 12 months and has made slow progression towards his milestones. He is now 15 months and has just started kind of walking 3 steps between me and my wife though you can imagine they're very unsteady. (He can commando crawl but does't crawl) His hand motor skills are still quite poor, he cannot hold a cup, and I just wandered if anybody had any idea if this kind of skill does improve in time??? Or is it the usual wait and see!!!!


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    He will do it......Never give up, it just takes longer. Do some reserch on Dance Movement Therapy, It can in some cases help movement and control. Keep us posted.
  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    Absolutely! They improve in most children and harry sounds to be doing very well already. My grandsons right hand was fisted for a long time (he is 2.5) but recently has opened it more often. He only uses is left hand and those movements have progressed slowly but surely. Initially his arm movements were very limited but he has gradually progressed to turning pages of the argos catalogue (10 at a time) but its the quality of the movement which counts!
  • msujb
    msujb Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for your replies. Staying positive is the way forward. We saw our physio yesterday and she was really pleased with his sitting skills development and his use of his right hand, he was sucking his fingers!!
    Keep the faith

  • renacahill
    renacahill Member Posts: 145
    We found the tommee tippee cup with the flip up lid the easiest for Elli to hold and tip. It is free flowing so no effort involved in getting the water out. He also recently got a doidy cup (amazon) and this was very easy to hold and drink from. He needs someone to hold the cup steady but has got the idea of bringing the cup up and tipping it. Just need the right hand to grip it properly now and we're sailing :0)
  • Flossy
    Flossy Member Posts: 16
    Hi I was told that my son would commando crawl he didnt he sort of did a bunny hop. He was about 12 months when this happened, they said he would bum shuffle, nope. He will do it in his own time when he feels comfortable. If you check the website out FLEDGLINGS they have a variety of cups with help. Son can only use his right hand and this is still poor, this is a brilliant website so do check it out, also ask them about the item "mother's 3rd arm" my son has one of these and its brilliant he doesnt use it as much now but when he was about 12 months. I queried this cos son couldnt hold his crisps in one hand and eat at the same time, so i asked FLEDGLINGS for some help and they came up with this one, it mainly came from america but ask fledglings staff, or check the catalogue out online. It attaches to the side of your pram/wheelchair/buggy and its flexi the arm and it has velcro which grips around a cup/bag of crisps also can be used to hold a drink or painting the list is endless. This is well worth the money. I will try and attach a photo to show you what i am talking about.


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