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Do AFO’s work?

edovey Member Posts: 10 Listener
edited June 2014 in Cerebral palsy
Does anyone have any info on AFO's? My son wears them but they make his legs rotate inwards and I'm worried this is causing harm. I would love to hear your stories about AFO's.


  • sabear35
    sabear35 Member Posts: 6

    My daughter is 2 yrs 8 months, diagnosed at 2 yrs with mild spastic diplegia affecting right side more than left. She has been wearing AFO's for a few months now but i have the same concerns as yourself as she still tends to walk on tiptoes and with the leg turning inwards. having said that she is able to walk, albeit with a supporting hand most of the time, better outside wearing them.

    I am due to see the physio tomorrow and will mention this to her and see what she has to say, i will let you know the outcome.

  • sabear35
    sabear35 Member Posts: 6
    Hi again

    Well we saw the physio on Friday, whom we hadnt seen for a few months as she had been off work following an accident. She was very pleased with the progress Lily has made but the last time she saw her she only had her splints a few weeks.

    My concerns are similar to the ones you expressed. Today lily walked a fair way for her and not once did her heel touch the foot on her affected foot and the foot turned inwards badly. Following this Lily asked to sit down as she was extremely fatigued by the short walk. Althought the splints are helping her walk I think they are making her knee hurt from the intoeing,

    I will voice my concerns again to the physio, as sometimes I think they like to paint a rosier picture and as parents we see how our children our walking more than the 1/2 hr with the physio.



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