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NRINRI Member Posts: 6
My parents have booked a wonderful trip to disneyworld for us all in may 2012, by that time my daughter who is "currently being investigated for cp" (but most likely hypotonic) will be 15 months. They have only paid for her as being a lap passenger, so no seat.

Im wondering now if it would be a better idea for us to purchase a seat for her..... how would that work though if she needs support etc to sit?


  • mafalamafala Member Posts: 72 Listener
    I think that children are only required their own seat by the time they are 2. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have special supportive seating systems for disabled children, so worth inquiring.
  • mummytotwomummytotwo Member Posts: 6

    My daughter also has cp, we did not fly before she was two due to other medical conditions but when we did she had a seat and we took her car seat. This meant she had all the support that she needed. Make sure when booking her seat you state the resons and ask for a front row seat or medical seat which will give her a little extra leg room as when my daughter was in her seat her little legs sticking out were touching the seat in front. This could obviously been annoying for the person infront but was worse when they reclined their seat squashing her legs. Luckily for us the person in front was my sister so I could get her to raise her seat, also there was room on the flight and they moved us and arranged for better seats on return flight. This is something we always request now and have never had a problem. Last year as she was bigger we just organised a harness from the airline to give her the extra support they also provided an extra lapbelt so she could sit on my lap for take off on outbound flight as she was upset.

    Hope this helps and you all enjoy your holiday.

  • kingyclankingyclan Member Posts: 17
    What fantastic parents! I've never flown as far as the US but a short flight with a child who has CP or similar postural issues is a bit of a nightmare. Whether or not you opt for a separate seat only you can decide but if you do want to book another seat then before you do take a look at this link - Can really recommend the MERU Air Chair and I think you can also use it in the car which presumably you might hire. To my knowledge I THINK Monarch and Virgin will supply but for others you may need to hire - I'm sure a few phone calls will answer any queries. Enjoy :-)
  • catsimmocatsimmo Member Posts: 3
    I would deffinately book a seat if you can afford it. It is a really long flight to have her on your lap. We went to disney in Febuary my son had a travel chair from the airline which is like a large car seat with a 5 point harness. It was really good but it depends who you are flying with as not all airlines have them. I would call the airline and ask to speak to there special assistance department to find out what is available.
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