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Car Seat

LucyHLucyH Member Posts: 2
My nephew requires a new car seat as has outgrown his infant seat, sadly the OT and Physio are unable to suggest suitable seats for him so some advice is needed. He is 19 months and has quite variable head control so a fairly supportive seat will be required. He also suffers with reflux and has a J -PEG. The seat needs to be able to go in the front of the car. Does anyone have any suggestions of a seat or where we could go for advice?


  • imogen37imogen37 Member Posts: 61 Listener

    How tall is he, how much does he weigh and what is his truck strength like?

  • LucyHLucyH Member Posts: 2
    He weighs about 20lbs. His trunk strength isn't great. He is only just about able to pro sit for a short amount of time.
  • SinskiSinski Member Posts: 16 Listener
    Hi. I had the same problem. My son is now nearly three and weighs nearly 12 kilos. We bought the maxicosi swivel. Its brilliant. Its not a special needs chair so doesnt cost the earth but whats great is that is swivels round to the open door so you can put them in easier without breaking your back. It has decent support. My son has variable head control. Low muscle tone around his belly. On days he is a bit floppy, i recline the seat back. I cannot reccommend this chair enough. And it can go in the front, is easy to put in and out although is heavy so not ideal if you need it to be portablde.
  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    We've got the Maxi Cosi Axiss (on a swivel base) too and for our little boy who is 3 with quad CP, good head control but low trunk tone and very spastic arms and legs, it's a really comfy safe and reasonably priced seat. If Tom is tired and I feel he needs more support I just recline the seat a little to take the weight of his head. I love it cos I don't hurt my back twisting to get him in as I can turn the seat to face the door to get him in and out. I wish I'd bought the same one for his twin sister too! You can have the seat either twisting to the left or right depending on which side of the car you want it and it's easier to 'plumb in' to the car than the standard Maxi Cosi. If I remember rightly, it was only
  • starlight33starlight33 Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Have you tried carved foam specialist seating. I got mine for the car from blatchfords clinical services. On website if you Google it. Have centres around the UK. Nhs and private available but probably determined by level of need. Private is Very expensive. supportive and comfortable seating. Has made a big difference to me!
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