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Peto Institute- Anyone been there?

Whitontheroad Member Posts: 4 Listener
My 2 year old son has recently been diagnosed with CP (diplegia, mostly affecting his legs and his ability to walk. I am taking him to Budapest on Thursday 25 July. Anyone been there? Any hints or tips? Anything special I should bring? Thoughts and suggestions would be welcome- I have never been there before. Many thanks.


  • SLW
    SLW Member Posts: 2

    I read a book recently - called Dana's Walk - and the was quite a bit of info about the Peto Institute. The author took her daughter there several times ...although that was some years ago. It might be an interesting read for you. The author also has a website with an email address contact, so I guess you could ask her advice. She spoke a lot in the book about how most of the info she got was from other parents, so I would imagine she'd be willing to help. if you google the title of the book you should find her website.

    I hope that helps x
  • mollymoobarnes
    mollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107

    I do a lot of Conductive Education with my 3 year old son Tom who has quad cp. We attend 2 sessions a week at a group called Whoopsadaisy in Brighton and a session a week at the Dame Vera Lynn School for Parents in Billingshurst in west Sussex. We hope that Tom will attend Scope's Ingfield Manor Conductive Education school when he starts school next year. We also use principles of Conductive Education at home to help enable Tom to continue his motor learning. I was just wondering why you are travelling all the way to Hungary to the Peto Institute if there might be Conductive education schools within easy travelling distance? I know that uk Conductive Education might be considered 'Conductive Education Lite' in terms of it embracing some but not all the Peto methods but I don't know much about Peto to be honest so I don't know what they offer over and above what the UK CE centres can offer.

    I'd be really interested to know how you get on!

    Maria xx
  • Whitontheroad
    Whitontheroad Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you very much for this. I will definitely check it out!
  • Whitontheroad
    Whitontheroad Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Our son was diagnosed in June. We got him a place at a conductive education centre near our house. He had two sessions, but then the term ended. He just started again in the fall term. We didn't want to leave it all summer, and this place is school term time only. We found a few places in the UK that had summer programmes, but none of the ones we could find we're near our house (SW London). If you can suggest any, do let me know. I have heard of Whoopsydaisy.

    My boys (they are twins, but one is affected more than the other) are too young to spend a long time in the car. If we had to pay for a UK hotel room or B&B, and a UK programme, it was much cheaper to go to Peto. We decided to go to the source. It was a 2hour flight, BA were incredibly helpful, we stayed at the institute, and we took the lift 2 floors, and walked 20 feet to our class every morning. My son had conductive education 5 days a week. The conductors spoke good English. He had a massage, then an hour of one on one with a conductor. Then he joined our group (5 children total) for a snack and then some group work, then he had another half an hour with a conductor. We had an opportunity, while he was off of school, to give him 3 weeks (the programme is 4weeks, but we missed the first one) of intensive therapy. We are really glad we made the decision to go. It was a bit of a leap in the dark, but it turns out it was such a huge help for him.
  • mollymoobarnes
    mollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    It sounds amazing! It's such a shame that there is nothing like that in the UK in terms of 'full immersion' in a month long programme.

    Just in case this info is useful to you I'll tell you what we have managed to find locally to us (Burgess Hill):

    Ellas Field ( near Billingshurst offer 2 morning sessions for little ones once or twice during the summer holidays and half terms. Their conductor is Peto trained. It's


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