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Primary school

MamiMami Member Posts: 12 Connected
My 3 and a half year old son has been diagnosed as high-functioning autistic, one main issue being lack of interaction with peers. I am getting conflicting advice about schools: mainstream plus one-to-one help versus school with resource base. I live in Barnet so looking at Livingstones, Broadfields and Pathways plus some Jewish Primaries in particular Mathilda Marks. Grateful to hear from anyone who has faced similar decision or with experience of any of these schools.


  • TrishacosTrishacos Member Posts: 1
    Have you tried your local Parent Partnership for advice
  • JimJamsJimJams Member Posts: 175 Listener
    the best thing to do is think how well would you son cope with mainstream, if he struggles it could knock his self esteem. I did not have the choice unfortunately my son went into a specialised unit as he has moderate to severe autism, he would not have coped in mainstream at all. i would focus on the more autistic focused unit and gradually work on the interaction.
  • MamiMami Member Posts: 12 Connected
    edited June 2014
    Thank you so much Trishacos and Marie. I have found the number for Parent Partnership. I had not thought of the self-esteem point. At the moment he is a confident child but I can see that he is starting to be on the sidelines watching other kids doing things he can't e.g. physical stuff as he is hypermobile as well. I don't want him to lose that confidence.
  • HeatherHeather Member Posts: 171 Listener
    Hi Mami. Sympathy for your dilema, as it's never an easy choice. I too am having to re-assess my son to move schools as his current (severe, profound, special needs school) have said they can not manage his behaviour. If they can't, then who can? But I contacted the email support group at our local NAS and asked for parents with experience of the local schools I'm contemplating to let me have their views anonymously. You can obtain a very balanced truthful insight when people don't have to give their names! Very interesting reading! Good luck
  • MamiMami Member Posts: 12 Connected
    Thank you Heather for this very helpful tip, I will do that. I am sorry that you are facing such a difficult situation, I hope you get the help you need.
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