Cerebral Palsy
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This therapy is a great Idea!!!

nicebootsniceboots Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
edited August 2016 in Cerebral Palsy

I spent many hours as a child and into my teens doing what I perceived as
pointless and boring exercises to help my fine motor skills in my hands. These were designed by occupational therapists with little imagination....
Exercises such as; screwing and unscrewing lids on jars, picking up small objects from a tray and placing them in a pot with my more affected hand, repetitively practising writing and other such tasks.
I constantly rebelled against doing these exercises, particularly into my early teens, when I would be helping my dad mend motorbikes.... which has taught me a lot more motor skills and little ways of getting round the problems that my motor difficulties cause.
Later on, I had a great art tutor at college that would encourage me to use both hands when working, rather than just using my right hand which is less affected.
I'd have loved to do these activities when I was younger.... Anything that's physio that doesn't feel like physio is a great idea to me!!


  • NoahNoah Member Posts: 430 Pioneering
    edited September 2014
    Great article niceboots, Well done finding that, and thank you for taking the time to post it on the forum. Like it. Yes anything that makes physio, fun and engaging is a great thing especially for young children. I remember always getting told off as a child for not doing my physio, its only as you get older that you appreciate how vitally important it is. Having clear goals or targets when doing physio is a great help. Compete with yourself, challenge yourself to reach the next level like when playing on a computer game, like the Nintendo Wii.
  • milomilo Member Posts: 165 Pioneering
    Wish this had been on offer 30 years ago. Like the previous posts, I rebelled against physio as a child and while I don't regret it, I think I could have put more effort in.
  • NoahNoah Member Posts: 430 Pioneering
    I feel the same way "Milo" I also feel I could have put more effort into physio when I was younger. It's just didn't seem important at the time, and I couldn't really understand why my physios were always nagging me!

    If only we knew back then, what we know now, I would certainly be 100 times more motivated put the effort in.
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