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redchicken43 Member Posts: 48 Pioneering
edited January 2015 in Cerebral palsy
As I age I'm am finding increasingly difficult to find shoes that offer the right amount of support and have resorted to wearing industrial workboots for a number of years now that have steel supports in the sole (stops the shoes flexing) and normally heavy duty soles that help as I have a tendency to drag my toes a little and almost walk of the side of my left foot. When I was younger I was able to wear normal shoes/trainers but as I get older this is not longer really possible. I was wondering if anybody out there has had similar experiences and what they have done. A couple of years ago I had a 'specialists' from the hospital make me custom made footwear, but this was ineffective and I just could not wear them. Plus having worn normal shoes up until that point I was somewhat alarmed with what these shoes looked like which I found a little hard to accept.


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Yes the subject of shoes. So very important, and can make a huge difference for the good or bad. And yes it is a very big challenge to find the right ones, that give enough support. Have you considered asking for an assessment to see if you would benefit from an AFO or another type of orthotic? I used to wear out piedro or bull boots in about 2 weeks because of twisting them due my gait and foot pressures. Now with a solid AFO molded to my foot this doesn't happen. Yes, I can also understand that some of the hospital footwear doesn't look great....I wore piedro boots for 30 years! Now I wear a very light weight boot made by hotter that fits over my custom AFO's, this has been the best solution to date. Keep us posted on how you get on.
  • leg_iron
    leg_iron Member Posts: 20 Listener
    I've ended up only wearing walking boots.  I did ask my orthotist & he said that the walking boots were better than he could get me. 


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