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My neighbour is vulnerable and I don't know what to do

ElizabethAnna20 Member Posts: 1
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Hi there

Background: I'm a long hours worker, living with my sister who also works long hours. She bought this small terraced house in spring 2014.

Our neighbour, who I'd guess is about 50, has mild to moderate learning disabilities and lives by himself. Today, to cut a very long and bizarre story short, I realised this evening the guy has not had electricity for months, and most likely no heating either. He is clearly scared of my sister and I (honestly I don't know what we did), and the neighbours are useless, so I really do not know what to do.

Can someone please tell me who I can contact, and what to say? I have no idea what to do, I don't think it can be explained in an email and I don't think this guy has family. I don't want to go behind his back.

Please can someone tell me what I need to do without offending this chap!

Thank you so much for reading.


  • ScopeHelpline
    ScopeHelpline Member Posts: 207 Courageous
    Hi ElizabethAnna20,

    If you are worried about your neighbour and feel that he might be at risk then the best people to speak to are the adult safeguarding team at your local authority. They will usually have a direct number and this should be listed on their website. If you say that you are worried about a neighbour and that they are vulnerable and maybe at risk then the local authority should follow this up and investigate.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or need anything else.

    Scope Helpline


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