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Government sneaking in removal of protection from excessive charges.

markandchris Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hello, my names Mark, I've just picked up the flyer for this forum from Mencap.
I have been a single parent with my mentally disabled son since 1990, always worked (40 years), but this last 12 months have been forced to stop, due to a combination of my own failing health, and losing support from my ex in-laws who are now elderly.
The Government have quitely sneaked in new rules, which have removed protection from excessive charges from councils, for daycare (and other services), despite oppsition from the select commitee that it be kept.

This means carers are being reassed, and now, where there was no charge for daycare, there are charges people won't be able to pay, whilst providing support.

So, my own, has been assessed at a charge of nigh on £50pw on top of the money he has to take in. This will mean, I'll have no choice but to take my son out of daycare.

Obviously, finding a job in those circumstances will be zero.  This Government seems determinned to attack the most vulnerable by whatever means it can.


  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 944 Pioneering

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks' for posting your comment.

    We're a little unclear about what you mean by the government sneaking in new rules which have removed protection from excessive charges. Could you please provide some more information about this please either by replying to this post or by contacting us at the helpline?

    Many thanks


  • markandchris
    markandchris Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi Debbie,
    I've been on local radio with 2 MP's (Labour) who refuse to answer questions over this, I've written to other MP's (Conservative) who again won't comment.
    I saw my own MP on the 6th of Feb this year who is supposed to be looking into it, but am still waiting.

    I've emailed the details to your helpline email, as I can't see how to post the details from my pc onto here.
  • mason_mark1231
    mason_mark1231 Member Posts: 2
    I see your point of view as a struggling single parent, I feel the government lacks in means of truly aiding disabled units as well as their families in the sense that they kind of skim over rather important forms of cash-benefits like you mentioned; daycare is a great example. I believe if the disabled person (or child) is in need of specific types of treatment or services regarding their well-being, both mentally and physically, these specific needs should not be disreguarded or mashed into one big glob of a disability benefit. Children of disabled persons should automatically be covered for daycare costs as well as partial beneficiary-aid to help cover the cost of living and raising a child as a disabled person and extra benefits should be awarded to single-parents of disabled children and also disabled single-parents...I think we get screwed over a lot of things alike, disability could re-think what it means to be disabled in all different aspects and they could supply extra cash benefits in amounts fit to each person in their own.


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