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Equality for all, or just some?

milomilo Member Posts: 164 Pioneering
edited April 2015 in News and opportunities
Over recent days, I've read with interest some excellent pieces on here in regard to the public's perception of disability and what needs to change. I've faced my share of disparaging comments but I came across something today which made it seem insignificant and, in truth, made me feel guilty.

On the BBC's disability blog, I came across the story of Lobu, a young boy whose family are spearfisherman in Sulewesi. What, you may ask does this have to do with disability? The answer is that Lobu has hereditary muscular dystrophy , a condition I lost a friend to many years ago and can barely walk.

If he lived in the U.K, he would have access to a first class medical service and undoubtedly be provided with wheelchairs and adaptations to help him. In his village, built on stilts in the sea, he has none of this. No wheelchair, no splints not even basic pain relief. Instead, he is an object of ridicule, unable to help catch fish to support the community he is viewed as a burden. He doesn't attend school, not because of any mental impairment but because his father would be embarrassed to carry him there each day.

Now, I'm not saying we can help Lobu, although I'm willing to listen to any suggestions on that front, but while we all face daily difficulties due to disability I think the next time someone makes a comment about parking in marked bay etc, it's worth remembering that little boy facing an awful condition with none of the things we take for granted.
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