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Hi everyone! I started a campaign at the beginning of June this year on becasue I don't have the money to fund a new powerchair. I'm unble to work. because of my spastic quadriplegia CP and hydrocephalus. The powerchair I have is now 8 years old and doesn't have positioning and comfort features which I have been assessed as needing. Consequently I am forced to spend my days being uncomfortable, with my body seizing up more and more because I am unable to change position myself. I am often in tears from the discomfort, and it is very distressing for me to experience and for my fiancé to watch, I have many repeated severe and painful spasms because of the discomfort and bad support, as well as constant back pain and pain throughout my body which is only alleviated if I lie down, so I know better positioning and comfort will help. I have scoliosis of my spine and Spina Bifida occulta too as well as a VP shunt which keeps me alive.
My fiancé is also not in the position to be able to help me economically, because he doesn't earn enough, and neither do my parents, who are both very near retirement age. I'm missing out on being more comfortable and better positioned in my wheelchair. My fiancé and I are very close and have been engaged for over 9 years now.
We both need the peace of mind to know I have the chair that meets my needs and that I'm able to live my life as I please because it has the features to allow me to do so.
I also need a specialist control as I can't use a joystick control because of my dexterity and spasticity. I need the wheelchair to be guided for me by someone else, so also need an attendant control, because I have severe visual issues and am registered legally blind. I' need environmental controls so I'm able to open the blinds, turn on lights, use a computer and more just from my wheelchair control.

- Electric recline will alleviate pressure and help my partner and carers with my personal care. With manual recline, I can't sit up, despite the fact I have laterals on my Jay 3 Deep Contour shoulder height backrest.
- Electric tilt in space will help me with my pressure relief needs (I'm at VERY HIGH RISK of pressure sores, and have had some very recently.)
- Environmental controls - I'll be able to open the front door, control lights, my computer etc.
- Specialist control- I'll be able to control the chair myself more independently, although I'll also need an attendant control.
- Attendant control- the person with me will be able to steer the chair for me.
- Elevating footrests- these have to be electric as manual ones cause more spasticity and pain for me, because of my legs and feet always being in the same, fixed position. Elevating ones will alleviate that and the fact one of my pressure sores was caused by my leg being pressed up against my wheelchair cushion and the shear (chafing and rubbing) movement as I was transferred from my chair.
- New wheelchair seating- customised.
- Tray table to use in situations where no table or flat surface is available.
- Chest harness to keep me sitting safety and in a comfortable position.

The chair I choose will be the Invacare TDX SP 2 NB, a next generation of the TDX SP powerchair see www for details.
I need a mid wheel drive chair for ease of turning and manouvering in tight spaces as well as inside and outside my home. The chair needs to be intuitive to drive and compact so these are models that would be ideal for me. I'm currently housebound because of living in an apartment that has very bad access and spaces that are too tight to manouvre into with my current rear wheel drive Sunrise Medical Quickie Rumba powerchair, which I only have because of the kindness of my grandmothers as they bought it.

At the moment, I can't get into either my bedroom, bathroom or kitchen with the chair I have, and have to be lifted from place to place by my partner using a hoist.
I would love to be able to get around inside and outside my own home easily and safely in my powerchair.

With the new chair, I'll have a new lease of life and I'll be able to do things not possible with the chair I currently have, like talk to people at eye level, see over counters and high desks and sit at high tables in restaurants, reach things easier, and relax my body more, avoiding a forced sitting posture for hours on end, lessen pain and discomfort. I'll also be able to get under low tables, because either of the chairs I'm considering have a much lower seat-to- floor height than what I have at the moment. I have a high seat height and a high cushion, so my knees are level with most tables, and my footrests stop me getting any closer. At times, I have had to use a tray, which is impossible for me due to my sitting balance and hand-eye coordination. I have always been assessed by OTs as needing close, safe and stable access to tables to help with my stability whilst being at a table.

The amount I need is £9,884, and I need it before the campaign ends on the 12th of July 2015 at 7:59 am GMT (11:59PM PST in the USA where Indiegogo is based). The total of
the money raised will be used for the chair and all the features I mention as well as any extras I need to add.
If I don't raise the total amount within the campaign time, I'll still use the money to put towards the chair and seek other ways to find the rest of the cost. The money will be in my bank account whatever the outcome of the campaign and will be used wisely for the proper purpose of the campaign as stated in this post.
If necessary, the campaign will be extended past the 12th of July but can only be extended for a maximum period of another 20 days past my original campaign end date (Indiegogo Campaign Rules, see for more information). If it's extended, it'll end on the 2nd of August 2015. If you do contribute, you'll get an email reminder 2 days before the campaign is due to end (10th of July) letting you know there's a short time left to participate. Then, if it's extended, I'll let you know here and also on my campaign page (see link at the bottom of this post). I'll post camping updates every 5 days on my campaign page, and every so often on my blog (usual posts there go out on Wednesdays and Sundays. It's a varied blog in which I talk about life with CP and hydrocephalus, fashion, beauty, reading writing and review books makeup and more).
I have shared this campaign on my blog, The Glitter Notebook at
I hope you can help, I'd really appreciate it. Here's the link to my campaign
also igg me at Help-Katherine-Replace-Her-Wheelchair.



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