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Mentor schemes for disabled people in the workplace?

Lalavcook Member Posts: 7 Listener


  • Lalavcook
    Lalavcook Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi Simon, do you if there are any mentor schemes for disabled people in the workplace? I am looking to take the next steps of my career into junior management in the voluntary sector, but can't find any disabled people to look up to. I was wondering if such a scheme exists.
  • simonsable
    simonsable Member Posts: 75 Connected
    Not that I know of. Finding any sort of work is hard enough. What area of country do you live?
  • Sharronrosa
    Sharronrosa Member Posts: 10 Listener
    I am partially sighted in my right eye,due to suffering a detached retina in August 2012 !   After being offered PIP & ESA ,this year BOTH benefits have been taken away from me because l can stretch my arm arms up and slightly bend ,l am considered eligible for work. At the moment l am not getting a single penny from any benefits,as l dare to appeal for BOTH benefits and the DWP aren't giving in at the moment and expect me to either go into jobseekers or universal credit?? They know that if l apply for either,then they can close my appeal?? 
    Thing is , l am NOT work shy OR trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes!! If l am partially sighted then l can't do a normal days work ,l have already tried and it hurts BOTH eyes to constantly have to strain to focus on doing things that's required to do any job?? My eyesight WASNT even mentioned in either  medical assessments??
    As l said l have NO income whatsoever coming in so a friend has been using some designs that l had made  and is making them into Christmas cards & selling them and sending me the money so l can pay my bills &living expenses??
    I was wondering that if there was some form of help for me ,that l could continue in the New Year,creating images on my phone,that l can enlarge my phone screen,get someone to make my images into cards and get help to Market them??
    Could Scope help me do this????
    I would also need help to become self-employed,someone to help  filled in my tax return form etc........
  • simonsable
    simonsable Member Posts: 75 Connected
    @Sam_Scope Please can you forward this to our Benefits Advisor?
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,682 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi I have moved it to the Employment Advisors :)
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