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My 3 yr old daughter is having 2 1/2 hours/ week speech group therapy but improvement is so slow.


  • lizprosser
    lizprosser Member Posts: 3
    Hi Chris
    I have a 3 year old daughter, Daisy who is having 2 1/2 hours a week speech therapy in a group with 2 others but the improvement is so slow. Her understanding as far as we are concerned is great. She understand eveything we say to her and she follows instructions fine. She was toilet trained at 2, she feeds herself dresses herself rides a scooter. She plays very well with other children and is very social with adults and children. She also concentrates on games puzzels and drawing and watched tv. As far as we are concerened she does not speak much. It is getting better every week but still prob at the stage of 2 year old. She goes to a nursery 2 full days a week and a playschool 2 mornings a week and one of those is at another setting which is the speech therapy so a lot of interaction. The speech therapy setting is talking about statements as they think she has a learning diffiuclty so I am very worried that this may be the case. She was diagnosed with very bad glue ear when she was just over 2 and her grommets out in in March 2010 when she was 2 1/2 and we thought she would then suddenly take off but that was March and she is still not speaking much and does not seem to be able to copy words. She still falls over a bit which she did a lot as her balance was not good with the glue ear so we were wondering if maybe there is still something wrong with her ears? Do you have any advice for me please? She will start school in Sep 2013. Thanks Liz
  • Dear Lizprosser,

    Thanks you for your question and the time it has taken you to add all the appropriate details. Does your daughter have an allocated Paediatrician? It does sound like you need to express all your concerns to the team that is working with your daughter as their coordinated approach is vital.

    With regards to expressive language could your daughter recognise details in photographs (e.g. Say WHO is in the photograph)? If so I do have a free downloadable programme that you could work with that teaches the grammatical structures of English and also develops verb/noun vocabulary.

    When working with younger children we advice parents to give the child opportunities to communicate; often we do so much for the child that we they don't have many opportunities or need to communicate. This is where
    'sabotage' comes in: puts toys in a place whe your daughter has to ask for help to get them; give her a meal but no cutlery (so she has to ask)....think of opportunities too manipulate the situation so that your child has to communicate with you.

    When your daughter produces a 1 word utterance you need to add a word and model a longer utterance (e.g. child = ball, adult = blue ball). Liase with the SLT who runs the groups and find out what you could be doing to practise the activities in the group.

    It always helps to video how your daughter is communicating now and review these videos in 1-2 months and see the progress you may not have seen. Writing examples of what she says can help too.

    I hope that helps.

  • lizprosser
    lizprosser Member Posts: 3
    Hi Chris

    Thank you so much for coming back to me. yes she can name people in photos so I would love to have the details of the programmes that I can work with her.

    Thanks Liz
  • Dear Liz,

    The programme is called Colourful Semantics and can be downloaded from . Please let your local SLT know what you are doing so that they can support you with this.



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