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how do I get my parish council to facilitate for me as a councillor

garyjancey Community member Posts: 1 Listener
I have been a parish Councillor  for just over a year. the council I sit on has done nothing to facilitate for my disabilities. I am wheelchair user and classed as severely disabled by the benefit system. When at council meeting I need a carer because I go in to spasm which makes it hard for me to breath.

how do I get them to facilitate for me. they even do thing like leave doors locked so I can not enter the building with my wheelchair because the doorway is to narrow. The building they use for meetings are not facilitated for disabled people they never consider my disability can you helpo me please 


  • Mickey
    Mickey Community member Posts: 16 Connected
    Hi gary - have you raised these issues with them? Some of it might be thoughtlessness, unfortunate as that is. They should make adjustments and facilitate your involvement, they might just need to be aware of your needs.
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