Financial help for my son to purchase furniture?

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hi im a mother to a 22 yr old who autistic n been living in residential  care for almost a year hes now moving into supported livibg sharing a house with anither younge man but darren has no savings to buy furniture i av no money as on esa  his social worker has said hes not eligible  for leaving care grant  does anyone know if tgeres anything he can claim to help him get his bedroom furniture obviously i need to get this sorted for him its so worrying i dont want him aving loans n getting into debt  please anyone advice me 


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    Hi Bernadine,
    You state you do not want him taking loans, but one possibility here if he has been on benefits more than 26 weeks is to apply for a DWP budgeting loan. This is a loan which would be recovered in instalments from his benefit. It is interest free so easier to manage than commercial loans info is at
    Another two options you could explore would be whether your local council has any provision for this kind of thing (after the old DWP grants system was dissolved some do and some don't) or possibly whether the Social Landlord can provide a furniture package as part of the tenancy, as this can often be claimed through Housing Benefit.
    Hope this helps. Kind regards,