11 year-old daughter with learning difficulties - Looking for support and don't know what to do

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Hi i am new to this. Just looking to get some support for my partner and myself. I have a 11 year old daughter who has learning difficulties and don't know what to do.


  • StuckCanuck
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    best thing is to get her school to assess and also contact SEN department at your council. If it is not a 'severe' case you may have to really push for a statement (which means more funding for help and a learning plan to suit your daughter).
  • eevans
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    Just to say that statements don't exist anymore they have been replaced by education health and care plans.

    first point of contact in asking for help for your daughter is the special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) in her school.
    If they dismiss your concerns then approach your SEN department in your local council as mentioned above.

    Be warned it's not a quick process and you may have to keep pushing.
  • Blue Frog
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    Hi @matthewfrancis85 what are you looking for help with? I think some people above have given advice about school.

    Is it that you need a break from caring? Help dealing with her behaviour? Leisure activities for her so she isn't bored? Is your daughter getting the right benefits/does she need any equipment or grants?