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Has anyone with MS been diagnosed with ON in in early stages?

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I have 3 Aneurysm's in my Heart and in need of a triple bypass, but because I have history of a TIA (9yrs ago) and suffer from Ventricular Tachycardia the Surgeons made the decision to try medication alone to keep them from bursting. 
The reason I have joined this Community is that in May 2016 I was diagnosed with "Progressive Peripheral Neuropathy".
It has taken around 5yrs of testing before they made the Diagnosis.
But one of the Consultants mentioned "in private" that she agreed with "PN", but she had doubts and she said it could actually be MS. Well as the months have gone by my symptoms are looking more and more like MS. 
I would appreciate if anyone here that has been diagnosed with MS had been mis-diagnosed with PN in the early stages. 
I am "open" and would like any replies. 
Bless You All xx


  • bam
    bam Member Posts: 326 Pioneering
    @Gordon54 hello how are you? I was diagnosed with MS and diabetic neuropathy 6 years ago. I was never diagnosed with PN. I was in the hospital for nearly four weeks. They didn't have any idea what I had until I had already been in the Hospital for 17 days before I was actually diagnosed with ms and even then they used terminology like we think it's ms or it could be ms. They didn't really know what I had for the first 17 days. First they told me they thought it was HIV. for 17 days they had thought it could be possibility 1 out of 6 different diseases. 17 days was a long time to lay down in a hospital bed and not know what you had.


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