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Hi, my name is Fundamentalist!

Fundamentalist Member Posts: 133 Courageous
Hi, my name's Fundamentalist, I've joined this site to try and publish details about severe disabilities which I suffer with dreadfully and which are never mentioned in the media and are generally totally ignored by authorities and service providers and the media which I find absolutely infuriating. I'm hoping that by doing this I will raise some degree of awareness about people like me who are the forgotten disabled, and in my case disability is a serious understatement as you will gradually see more of as my posts continue. Obviously I will not give away anything too personal as anything posted here is public worldwide. I have used forums before but I'm no tech expert and there is a lot of stuff on forums I don't understand so anything like that I'll leave well alone. I think it's only fair, especially as some folk who are under 18 years of age might read what I write I must warn that the description of the problems I have might be a bit shocking to some to say the least, I'll sometimes abbreviate my user name to simply Fm.


  • Fundamentalist
    Fundamentalist Member Posts: 133 Courageous
    Hi, all. Fm here again, I think I'd better introduce myself a bit more as there is a lot about me that I never see or hear mentioned anywhere in any disability circles especially in the media and even folk who work with the disabled that I've met or see on TV have any idea that folk like me even exist. So here goes. I'm a white single male, British born but mixed race, 50-odd years old and still single because of so many APPALLING conditions forced on me since birth. I'm strictly CLEAN living, i.e. absolutely NO filthy practices, I can't stand alcohol, I only drink plain sparkling spring water and semi-skimmed milk, anything else makes me seriously ill, I don't smoke, I don't do illegal drugs, I don't do filthy porn, or prostitutes, I don't ANY unGodly spiritual practices, I don't buy or read sleazy two-faced hypocritical tabloid papers or celebrity sleaze, I don't go "out" at night, there is nowhere for me to go in the evening so I stay in EVERY night, I'm straight heterosexual but not active, I'm hard line right-wing ultra conservative, I believe in discipline and order in society and things like compulsory military boot camps for all able bodied and able minded school leavers, I'm hard line conservative Christian though I don't go to church simply because I can't because of all the appalling conditions forced on me, for the same reasons I don't go to pubs, clubs, bars, etc. even libraries have now been made inaccessible to me. My idea of "eating out" is scoffing a snack at a bus stop or a public bench if I can find one quiet enough. I have about EIGHTEEN different disabilities forced on me, all hidden which keep me in appalling entrapment and I'm absolutely sick and tired of it. Worst of all I'm extremely severely SOCIALLY disabled, i.e. I can't tolerate people's behaviour, I also can't stand dogs or baking, frying heat. I can't work and haven't done for over 27 years! I have to use dreadful public transport and I've been brutally forced off buses more times than I can remember. I'm frequently absolutely FORCED into dreadful angry confrontations with the public and I've been arrested several times but never convicted which I shouldn't be as I'M the victim!  I've NEVER had ANY love life and really need someone and have done for 40 years but what on earth am I supposed to tell any woman who shows any interest in me and quite a few have done over the years but I have to ignore them. And I still get young lasses only half my age or less flirting though I can't understand why. I suffer with a condition now known as misophonia or 4S syndrome which turns all manner of everyday noises into absolutely intolerable TORTURE and I also suffer with severe HEAT intolerance which causes serious overheating of my body and profuse awful sweating even in the freezing British winter. There is much more but it will have to appear in further posts. Fm.
  • Chris_Alumni
    Chris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 689 Pioneering
    Hi Fm, welcome to the community, I hope you find it friendly and supportive.


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