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Filling your time

izaiza Member Posts: 479 Pioneering
edited January 2017 in Coffee lounge
This discussion was created from comments split from: Hi, my name is rosemariephillips!.


  • izaiza Member Posts: 479 Pioneering
    edited January 2017
    Hi rosemariephillips, 
    Nice to meet you here. I agree that disability is limiting  the affected person's life. But you should never feel frustrated or isolated. You did not share  with us much about the  type of disability you suffer from.
     You need to get what is positive out  of your health condition. Change the self-thinking attitude. You should think what you can do instead what you cannot do. I can see you can type over the computer . Why you do not fulfil the free time if you have with some activities you can perform. My head is full of ideas how to full fill time you posses. I have many project in my head and as soon I have a bit of free time,  I put them in life step by step.
    Get creative, think and perform. 
    Find a new hobby or renew the one you had before. 
    Here is a little list of activities you could get involve to stop fill frustrated or isolated. You just need to do one step forward. We were born not for ourselves but for others. Do something for others you will fill better or if you fill like do something for yourself in first place. The most important is inside you so let it come out and be seen to others. 
    If you want to chat more feel free to add comments.  I will pop here lather to see how you are doing. 
    This is the list of things I do when I have time.
    I never wait for people to encourage me I am encourage myself to do more. 
    (I do not have TV licence so I do not use TV . I found TV stills the time.) 
    Be productive even for yourself and you will feel much better soon. 

    This is the list: 

    - volunteer,

    -  share your knowledge, skills in real  life or from home online, 

    - socialise and drag yourself to coffee mornings in local community hubs, 

    - get creative if you can (create hand made staff if you can)

    -  colour mandalas for adults - they apparently learn  you to concentrate on drawing and  do not  allow you to think about past and future, 

    - get a pet if you like,

    - read, watch, listen to and share,

    - empower yourself and others (life, digitally), who know perhaps you could couch other, 

    - go back to any sport relevant to your medical condition, 

    - take photos, 

    - travel even little destination to discover/ rediscover places nearby 

    - write blogs, poems, books, 

    - create presentation on different topics, 

    - enjoy life and see yourself lucky as you do not need to finically work, 

    - share your time with others, 

    I hope I helped you to fulfil tree time. 

  • AlexAlex Scope Posts: 1,324 Pioneering
    Brilliant ideas @iza - thanks for sharing!
  • izaiza Member Posts: 479 Pioneering
    edited January 2017
    rosemariephillips, Hi @Alex,
    I am working on series of presentation which could help people to be motivated, stay concentrated on positive aspect and forget about being negative and pessimistic  (especially for people who are disadvantage and disable)  feel lost and need a bit kick to get back on the right pathway in life. I may hare when I ready. 

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