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Night terrors

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  • ClaireW79ClaireW79 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, my son, 7, has Williams Syndrome and has been having night terrors for quite a while now (about July). He wakes at least once a night, usually around the same time.

    I know that these are definitely night terrors and not nightmares as he has had them previously. However, in the past he has usually stopped after a couple of weeks.

    I just wondered the best way to approach these to try to prevent them. I did try waking him up gently last night about 15 mins before he usually wakes to break the cycle but I frightened him as I think he was in quite a deep sleep.

    He also has problems falling asleep and needs one of us to stay upstairs until he is, or almost, asleep.

    Thanks for your help!

  • SleepPractitionersSleepPractitioners Member Posts: 43 Courageous
    Hi @ClaireW79
    You said you woke your son 15 mins before the terror last night, try 30 mins before tonight you are just looking to change the cycle he is in rather than wake him fully, so a gentle nudge should do it.
    Good luck
    Max x
  • ClaireW79ClaireW79 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Max, will try that as I was waking him up fully!
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