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After PIP2 assessment

charmedcharmed Member Posts: 53 Connected
edited February 2017 in PIP, DLA and AA
This is to people who have had a f2f.  Are you allowed or your carer allowed to look over what has been written at the time? Or can the assessor read back? I know it wasres time but do you sign anything if you do you cant sign for not knowing what has been written, do they read back?


  • janice_in_wonderlandjanice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    This is a very good question!
  • charmedcharmed Member Posts: 53 Connected
    Can anyone answer that?
  • scouserscouser Member Posts: 14 Listener
    I just had my face to face meeting in my own home and not onece he read back anything or I didn't sigh anything the person I seen said he was a ex ane nurse and asked a lot of things like my health and how I found out I had my health proms etc he did say off the record he things it would be stray fourward just one thing if your like me can't walk vary well on sticks then get up and show them  as I am finding if you don't show them etc they go back saying they think you can walk over 20 m and then you lose your high rate mobility no car I can drive but do have a mobility scooter on lease 
  • charmedcharmed Member Posts: 53 Connected
    Thank you scoucer
    i have mobility scooter on lease also and have mobility car (which i hope i dont lose) i will do what they say if i can do it, thank you very much for the hands up i get very anxious and dreading it i usually clam up and need to be away from the situation.
    hope your well scoucer, is it not a relief when its done, i know we dread the envelope but id rather get it and get it over and done with so you can get on with the little quality of life we have to cooe with.
    take care...
  • charmedcharmed Member Posts: 53 Connected
    Forgot if i am granted home assessment i spend most of the time in the bedroom can it be done from there obviously not in bed, my days are spent in room i have a carer but i am in bedroom out of bed.
  • scouserscouser Member Posts: 14 Listener
    Charmed I asked for home vist but not many get them  I also get anxious if you don't get home vist work out how you going to get there and don't walk in as it's more than 20 yards to the office in most places they watch you like a hawk they take in a count what you look like i.e. dressed niced  smell nice etc clean and tidy when they asked how bad me walking was I got up and showed them my thinking is if you show them they have to be leve you dint they make shore you got someone with you that can back your stories and be honest and tell them how hard it is for you to do this and that I will let you if I get it or not good luck and stay one set a hard as they payed to lower the bill 
  • charmedcharmed Member Posts: 53 Connected
    Thanks again scouser
    i use a mobility scooter outside so wont be walking  cannot travel long distance so will ask if possible home visit my legs would have swollen up and would be in pain breathing wont be good so would be unable to communicate too well, anyway anxiety sky high just want it over and done with.
    thanks scouser
  • scouserscouser Member Posts: 14 Listener
    I think for me it's more stress full waiting to hear as my scooter is my legs I think when you are debent on something you always worry you may lose it I be house bound with out my scooter full stop so to me and many like us all these new rules are life changing to poeple who debend on electric scooters whelk chairs just to go the shop because no one is safe the face to face is the easy part as just be your Self and show them how bad your health is etc and hope for the best like my self nothing else I can do but wait and hope they believed me can't see why but I don't trust poeple like that 
  • GinnybGinnyb Member Posts: 2 Listener
    They will put anything on the assessment forms to stop you getting money,my husband hands shake,and she said for the few seconds she saw his hands they were not shaking,I was so annoyed,she didn't see the spilled food and drinks ,the cuts from trying to prepare a meal,not being able to shave himself,we have asked them to relooking at it,but are not holding our breath,but will appeal against though.
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @GinnyB - Tribunals well know by now what pathological liars assessors are and take this account when considering appeals.  Over 60% of appeals are successful.
  • GinnybGinnyb Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thats good to hear, so at least we stand a chance.
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    Yes, a very good chance.
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