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Finding a safe dating site

Juls Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi my son is 20 and has Aspergers Syndrome which means he has moderate learning difficulties. He attends a project for people with disabilities learning about horticulture and agriculture which he enjoys. He has started asking me if he will ever have a girlfriend recently and would really like to go on a date with somebody with similar needs and interests to himself. I have looked into dating websites  but they all charge a fortune for the priveledge. Is there any sites for disabled young people that dont charge?


  • Fundamentalist
    Fundamentalist Member Posts: 133 Courageous
    Hi from Fm. I agree, too many of them are too elitist and are generally only used by professional classes. But there are some out there for the disabled, I tried joining one just recently but I just ended up locked out of it because I didn't fill in the form straight away so it got deleted and now they won't answer my emails. Surely that's a bit strong, it shouldn't be totally scrapped if you don't manage to fill it in first time, you should be able to put it on hold while you have a good think about what you want to say about yourself and who you would like to meet. So if you would like to join any such site I would advise having a good think about what to put first and try writing it down on good old fashioned paper first, then you can copy it on to the online form, do get it right first time or you might end up locked out and ignored like me. Also some sites issue an "activation code" by email as you register but in my experience it doesn't arrive so you end up only able to log in and nothing else, what good is that? Also I've found if you go on google and type in disabled dating there is a site that has reviewed a selection of disabled dating sites and they give details of subscription rates as well as some that are free. But make sure that you have decent security as my security has flagged one such site as dangerous, so beware! You really should have a security program that shows which sites are safe and which aren't, my program shows three conditions, safe, unknown and dangerous. And do read all the terms and privacy policy, I know it's tedious but you need to know what you're getting into and a lot of sites don't encrypt what you put on as they don't consider it worth the trouble as it slows down their systems and costs extra, this is especially true with free sites, so now you know. Any bank and card details are usually encrypted but do make sure you check the address bar first before entering such private stuff to make sure it says https and shows a locked padlock, that is essential on payment pages. Also I found one today called which is for disabled folk and I have serious special needs and complicated problems so I wrote them a detailed email first to ask if they will accept me or not. That one is free as far as I remember but it looks a bit exclusive as they have a serious vetting system. I hope this helps. Fm.


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